Episode 5 Ya Çok Seversen (If You Love It So Much): Trailer And Summary

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The new 5th Episode trailer of Ya Çok Seversen (If You Love It So Much) Has been released! In the end episode; Learning of this decision, Leyla embarks on an irreversible path regarding Ateş. So what happen in the episode on August 3rd?

Ya Çok Seversen new 5th episode trailer is among the topics researched. Kanal D's new series Ya Çok Seversen trailer was a matter of curiosity. Well, has the new 5th episode trailer of Ya Çok Seversen been released?, Here are the details...

Kanal D's new series Ya Çok Seversen met with its audience with its fourth episode. The new episode of the series, which attracted attention with its subject and cast, was a matter of curiosity. By the users, the new episode trailer for Ya Çok Seversen! Watch the trailer of Ya Çok Seversen! are among the researched topics. Here is the trailer for the 5th episode of Ya Çok Seversen!

episode 5 Ya Çok Seversen
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Ya Çok Seversen Plot Story

Having spent his life abroad, Ateş is forced to return to Istanbul, which he left years ago due to the death of his father. His path crosses with the fake bride Leyla, who is cheating to find her family. Despite the undeniable attraction between them, they leave with a slap from Leyla. The unexpected happens as Ateş plans to return as soon as the will is announced. His father made a surprise not only for him but also for the whole family. Ateş rejects the will at the expense of being barred from inheritance, but a secret he learns about the past changes his decision. Meanwhile, Leyla returns to the hotel because she lost her family necklace and is caught by the angry groom. While escaping, he gets into a car that he does not know where he is going. Ates and Leyla's paths will cross again. Both are unaware that their lives will change completely.

What happen in the end episode?

Leyla and Ateş fall into a misunderstanding after their rapprochement. Meanwhile, alarm bells are ringing for Leyla and the team. An envelope in which they will reveal their identities is circulating in the house. Leyla has a feeling of revenge against Ateş as the misunderstanding grows. For this reason, she plays a game in the event she attends with the Arcalı brothers. When they both realize that the truth is not as they know, the color of the matter changes and their relationship gets better.

Ateş is overwhelmed by his relationship with the children and takes a decision. Learning of this decision, Leyla embarks on an irreversible path regarding Ateş. A mole in the company causes a major crisis. Leyla plays a key role in resolving this crisis. Yakup, on the other hand, is after a dirty plan in secret from the whole team. Meanwhile, the team is unaware of the danger that will take them to the end of the road. Leyla has never been this close to the danger of being exposed.

Ya Çok Seversen Episode 5 Trailer

Ya Çok Seversen Episode 5 Summary
When Hasan comes to the farm, Yakup, Meryem, Onur, Barış and Leyla fall into a difficult situation. On the one hand, the disagreements between Ateş and the children are growing. The children need to decide which older brother to stay with. Füsun rolls up her sleeves to influence the children's decision.

Ateş tries to cope with the problems caused by Ilgaz. He searches for his old "fun" life. While Leyla tries to mend between Ateş and the children, the duo become jealous of each other. Leyla's surprise is; Fire will surprise you.

Ya Çok Seversen will be on Kanal D with its exciting new 5th episode on Thursday, August 3rd at 20.00. Read Also All Episode of Ya Çok Seversen (If You Love It So Much)

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