Dönence Episode 6 Release Date Has Changed!

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Why Dönence Episode 6 isn't it tonight? Dönence Episode on August 8 Why Not Air? Why isn't there episode 6? Dönence Episode 6 Release Date Has Changed!


It was decided to take a one-week break from broadcasting the TV series, which is a Kanal D media production. The question of why there is no Dönence series of August 8 is among the most frequently asked questions. In line with the decision, the series will not be broadcast this week and will be on the air next week with the 6th episode.

Dönence series, which is among the summer series broadcast on Kanal D screens, managed to get full marks from many viewers. Why isn't Tropical on Tuesday, August 8th? Why No episode 6 today? They ask the question We can say that it is quite exciting for the audience to have actors such as Sümeyye Aydoğan, Didem İnselel and Emre Kınay with a very strong cast. The series received full marks from both the viewers and the channel management due to the high ratings it received from the first day it was broadcast. In line with the decision taken by the channel, the Dönence series will continue in the next week.

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Why isn't Dönence on August 8? Why isn't Dönence on August 8? Is the TV series over? The question is one of the most asked questions of the day. Due to the increase in the ratings of the series, it was decided to continue the series in the 2023 and 2024 seasons, in line with the decision taken by the channel management. For this reason, the series, which was decided to be 9 episodes, needs to be changed in the scenario. The screenwriters took a one-week break from the series in order to lengthen and add depth to the series. Since the TV series has continued since May, the actors could not take a vacation, so now the players will have the chance to take a vacation for 1 week.

When will the 6th episode of Dönence be published? The TV series will not be broadcast this week. Since the series is planned to be broadcast in the next season, the new episode will be broadcast on August 15, 2023, not August 8, 2023. The 6th episode of the series is currently filmed, but due to the changes in the scenario, it is expected that there will be a week delay in the new episodes. Therefore, the 6th episode will be aired with a week delay. Read Also All Episode of Dönence (The Tropical)

"Dönence" Episode 5: Gece and Özgür are Together Again! Kanal D's new season series "Dönence" meets its audience every Tuesday at 20:00. In the end episode, Gece approaches Özgür with very harsh expressions. However, Özgür does not remain silent against what Gece said. Set in Izmir, the series is among the most watched productions of the summer season.

Gece confesses her feelings for Özgür to Miro. In this confession, Gece's interest in Özgür and the electrification between them become more evident. However, Gece's approach to Özgür becomes complicated due to Gülce's presence. On the other hand, Cem's decision to explain his illness to Verda adds a new dimension to the series.

Tension Between Özgür and Miro. There is a big fight between them and Miro, who comes to Özgür. This fight once again shows how strong Özgür's character is.

The Dangerous Moments of Gülce and Rüzgar. Gülce and Rüzgar managed to lock the audience on the screen with their dangerous moments at sea. Gülce's falling into the sea and Rüzgar's effort to save her was one of the most exciting scenes of the episode. Gece speaks very harshly to Özgür and says that he only deals with Özgür for Gülce. Özgür does not stand up to what he hears.

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