Düğüm Salonu (Night of Knot) Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Movie

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What is the synopsis of Düğüm Salonu (Night of Knot)? Who are its players? Here are the cast, plot and filming location of Düğüm Salonu movie ....

Düğüm Salonu is meeting with the audience lastnight! The film, written by Şahin and Irmak, which is about a tragicomic love story, will be on Star TV screens this evening. So, what is the subject of the Knot Hall movie, who are the actors? Here are the details about the movie…

In the 2018 Turkish comedy film, the feelings of the former lovers come to light again when they meet each other in a wedding hall after years. Then unexpected events occur. The film, which draws attention with its trailer, will meet with the TV audience tonight. Here are the plot, actors and actresses and other details about the movie of Düğüm Salonu…

Düğüm Salonu Synopsis
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Synopsis of Düğüm Salonu

In two separate weddings side by side in the Knot Hall, when they say "let's go out to their chariot", the events unfold in knots, accompanied by laughter! What if you see and meet your ex getting married in the next room on the same day, same place, same time as you? Two weddings collide, secrets are revealed, things get messy in a short time! Your wedding night turns into a knot night, and the wedding hall turns into a "Knot Hall".

Filming Location of Düğüm Salonu

Düğüm Salonu movie shooting started in 2018. The shootings took place in Izmir's district, Buca.

The Cast of Düğüm Salonu

Şahin Irmak, İrem Sak, Gonca Vuslateri, Emre Karayel, Onur Buldu, Duygu Yetiş, Ayşe Nil Şamlıoğlu, Gazanfer Ündüz, Beyti Engin, Toprak Sağlam, Güneş Hayat, Murat Karasu, Hakan Bulut, Hakan Akın, Nilgün Belgün, Bilge Şen, Salih Kalyon, Evren Duyal, Doğancan Sarıkaya, Burcu Altın, Hayko Cepkin

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