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Güneş Tutulması (The Solar Eclipse) Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Drama

What is the synopsis of Turkish Series Güneş Tutulması (The Solar Eclipse)? Who are in the cast? What about their character? Where is the filming location? Which channel and when will Güneş Tutulması be released?

Güneş Tutulması is the other one of new series will start in the 2023-2024 season. In this topic, we want to write the first details to the question of who is the Screenwriter of Güneş Tutulması Series Actors and actresses. Who will be the casts of Güneş Tutulması Series, which channel and when will the details start in our content..

Güneş Tutulması Platform

It has been announced that Güneş Tutulması series will come to the screen in the new season of 2023-2024. İbrahim Çelikkol took part in the promotional shoots of Atv's new season. This means that the new series will be broadcast on ATV. We will share detailed news about these issues in the coming days, when the shooting of Güneş Tutulması series will be made and when the set will be ready. 

synopsis cast Güneş Tutulması

Synopsis of Güneş Tutulması

The information on which channel and on which date the series will be broadcast has not been announced. Doğulu says we are excited to meet in January and the series is expected to come to the screens in January. The shooting of the series takes place on the plateau in Beykoz Kundura. The plot of the series and the cast are kept secret. It is clear for now that Kadir Doğulu will take the lead role. It is a matter of curiosity who will be Kadir Doğulu's partner and with which names he will share the lead role. 

An impressive drama series called Güneş Tutulması is waiting for the audience. Pastel film will prepare Güneş Tutulması series, which will be screened on ATV. The production company started casting and costume work. Famous screenwriter Ayça Mutlugil will write the script of the TV series Güneş Tutulması. The subject will be a drama-laden love. As the information about the Solar Eclipse series, which is under preparation, becomes clear, we will share it on our page. Stay tuned.

Güneş Tutulması Release Date

It is planned that the shooting of the series will begin in October 2023, and the broadcast of the series "Güneş Tutulması" will begin in November 2023. Although the female lead actress is not yet clear, you can learn more about the cast of the series on our website when more information is announced.

Cast of Güneş Tutulması

Ayça Mutlugil and Nuray Uslu are writing the Solar Eclipse series, which will be directed by Emre Kabakuşak. Güneş Tutulması series will have a job that will mark the season. An agreement was signed with İbrahim Çelikkol as the leading male actor in the series. However, careful work continues among other players.

Ibrahim Celikkol

İbrahim Çelikkol was born in 1982 in İzmit. He studied acting. After meeting Osman Sinav, he stepped into acting. Pars Narkoterör was his first project. He played in the TV series: Karadağlar, İffet, Siyah Beyaz Aşk.  Muhteşem İkili, Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir, and Bir Zamanlar Çukurova. Kuş Uçuşu web series is still on the air. He acted in the movies Fetih 1453, Sadece Sen and Mevlana Mesti Aşk. 

Kadir Doğulu
Kadir Doğulu published the first photo he took from the set of the series, satisfying the curiosity of his fans who have been wondering which series he will be in for a long time. Kadir Doğulu changed his image for the series and was praised by his fans. Since then, his project, which has been kept as a secret, has been revealed. Kadir Doğulu's new series will be Solar Eclipse. Kadir Doğulu expressed that he is very happy to take part in this project. He said the following about Güneş Tutulması series and its crew:

“In January, we shook hands with Pastel film and I am very pleased. I met a great team and they came up with a very nice project. I'm holding hard not to say his name, I'm holding hard not to say his channel. I'm trying hard not to tip from the script. I am very pleased to be working with Deniz Koloş. I am very pleased that Pastel Film's owners Efe İrvül and Yaşar İrvül have formed such a beautiful team. I hope we are excited to meet the audience on a very good channel with a very good script in January…”

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