"Kirli Sepeti" The New Summer Season FOX Series Will Be Scattered With Stars

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The rehearsal of FOX's new ambitious TV series Kirli Sepeti (Dirty Basket), whose Culture and Art Production was undertaken by MED Yapım, took place.

The first frames from the reading rehearsal of Fox's highly anticipated new series "Kirli Sepeti"! The crew of the new TV series, Kirli Sepeti, starring Fox's leading roles with Ayça Bingöl and Serkay Tütüncü, met at the reading rehearsal. When will the shooting of Kirli Sepeti series begin? When will Kirli Sepeti series be released? Is Kirli Sepeti series an adaptation series? What is the story of Kirli Sepeti series? Who is in the cast of Kirli Sepeti? Where will Kirli Sepeti series be filmed? Here are the detail ....

In the reading rehearsal of the TV series "Kirli Sepeti", starring Ayça Bingöl, Serkay Tütüncü, Ceren Moray, Halil İbrahim Ceyhan, and Melisa Döngel, the team met and had fun times. In addition, the leading names will be accompanied by actors such as Cansu Tosun, Bestemsu Özdemir, Devrim Yakut, Serhat Kılıç and Deniz Sarıkaş.

kirli sepeti cast
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In the series "Kirli Sepeti", intrigues and hidden secrets will be told through the eyes of servants working in a luxury estate. The series, which draws attention with its strong staff, will soon meet its audience on FOX screens.

Halil İbrahim Ceyhan...

Halil İbrahim Ceyhan, who gained a large fan base with his character "Yaman" in Kanal 7's series Emanet, which was followed with great interest, shook hands with the Kirli Sepeti series. The new address of Halil İbrahim Ceyhan, who took his first step into his acting career with the movie project named 'Yaman Kırımlı (We'll Be Back Immediately)', which was released in 2019, has been announced. Halil İbrahim Ceyhan, who shines with Ayhan Özen and Serkan Mut's Emanet series directed by him, made an agreement with Kirli Sepeti series.

As it is known, Halil İbrahim Ceyhan had an assertive debut with the character of "Yaman Kırimlı" in the series Emanet, which was written by Başak Writing Room and produced by Nazmiye Yılmaz. It has become clear which character will play in the Dirty Sepeti series of Halil İbrahim Ceyhan, who recently said goodbye to Kanal 7's Karamel Yapım signed Emanet series. Halil İbrahim Ceyhan will appear in front of the cameras with the role of "Murat", the wife of Aylin's character, to be played by Melisa Döngel.

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