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Ruhun Duymaz Episode 5 Release Date Has Changed! And Why Is This Happening?

Ruhun Duymaz Episode 5 Part 2 Trailer Has Been Released! When will the new 5th episode of Ruhun Duymaz Be Released?

Burcu Özberk and Şükrü Özyıldız share the lead roles in the Ruhun Duymaz series, which started broadcasting on FOX TV. The 5th episode trailer of the Ruhun Duymaz series has been released. So, what is the subject of the Ruhun Duymaz series? When does Ruhun Duymaz start?

The 5th episode trailer of the Ruhun Duymaz series, starring Burcu Özberk and Şükrü Özyıldız, has been released. So, is the second episode trailer of Ruhun Duymaz released? When is the new episode of Ruhun Duymaz?

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Ruhun Duymaz Episode 5 Part 2 Trailer

The 5th episode part 2 trailer of the highly anticipated series Ruhun Duymaz has been released. The 5th episode of the series, which draws attention with both its actors and its subject, will be screened on Fox TV on Monday, August 21.

Ruhun Duymaz Episode 4 Summary

Ece and Onur manage to steal Kameryan's necklace. But Ece dropped a necklace worth a fortune. A brand new crisis arises for Onur and Ece. After the necklace is stolen, Civan is seriously cornered. While chasing the thief who stole the necklace, he catches a clue that might be worth the agency. Onur and Ece, on the other hand, have to take on different identities to pick up the necklace from where it fell. Working with Ece for Onur is almost like a nightmare, but on the other hand, she begins to immerse herself in him.

Ruhun Duymaz Plot Story

Ruhun Duymaz will be an agent-themed series. The Koral family is the largest jewelery owner in Turkey. Agent Onur will try to stop Smuggler Civan Koral while he is smuggling. Onur (Şükrü Özyıldız) is an agent who sees nothing but his job; Ece (Burcu Özberk) will appear as a dazzling professional thief with a thousand and one skills.. Ruhun Duymaz will attract everyone's attention with its love-filled story.

Ruhun Duymaz Cast

Burcu Özberk, Şükrü Özyıldız, Tuğrul Tülek, Mert Öner, Zuhal Gencer, Şehsuvar Aktaş, Aslı Sümen, Ülkü Duru, Ilgaz Kaya are among the actors and actresses of the Ruhun Duymaz series.

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