Yeşil Vadi’nin Kızı (The Girl of The Green Valley) Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Drama

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What is the synopsis of Yeşil Vadi’nin Kızı (The Girl of The Green Valley)? Who are in the cast? What channel and when will the series be releaesed? Where is the filming location?

The cast of Yeşil Vadi’nin Kızı, the new series of SHOW TV, is curious. Yeşil Vadi’nin Kızı series is planned to be a daily summer series. There are important actors in the TV series Yeşil Vadi'nin Kızı. But who are Yeşil Vadi’nin Kızı players? Here's who plays which character in Yeşil Vadi’nin Kızı? Here are the answers to your questions!

Yeşil Vadi’nin Kızı series is a family and drama themed series that was presented to the audience on July 3, 2023. Beren Gökyıldız, Sezin Bozacı and Onur Dikmen are in the lead roles in the series. Without wasting much time, let's give information about Yeşil Vadi’nin Kızı series. Here is Yeşil Vadi’nin Kızı series synopsis, cast and all other details.

Synopsis of Yeşil Vadi’nin Kızı

Yeşil Vadi’nin Kızı series tells the life adventure of a girl named Melissa Çelik. When Melissa was a baby, she lost her parents and was sent to orphanages. He has no information about his real family. While Melissa is trying to live with her adopted family, she is not wanted by Besime, the lady of the house, and is subjected to various bullying.

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One day, when he is kicked out as a victim of anger, a man appears before him; Text. They both start talking, not realizing that in that moment their lives will completely change. Metin is an introverted and quiet man, while Melissa is a cheerful and talkative girl. Metin witnesses some of Melissa's experiences.

Metin, who listens to his instincts and is determined to save this girl, at least for now, takes her to the farm. Melissa, who started to live with Metin and Mahinur at the Green Valley farm, also brings to light many long-hidden memories and secrets with her questioning and curious attitude. Melissa's arrival, her stay at the farm and her efforts to make herself accepted turn into a separate adventure.

As he continues his life in the Green Valley, while the town is shaken by other events; Everything turns upside down with the news of the existence of a family that wants to adopt Melissa... Even though Metin opposes this situation, Mahinur is ready to give up on Melissa. But the big secret they learn complicates things, and that's how the story begins.

Murat Şenöy and Çağıl Nurhak Aydoğdu sit in the director's chair of the series Yeşil Vadi'nin Kızı. The screenplay is written by Özge Aras and Serhat Yiğit. The leading roles in the series are Beren Gökyıldız, Sezin Bozacı and Onur Dikmen. Özkan İpek is the producer of the film. You can reach all the players playing in the series below. You can watch the trailers of Yeşil Vadi’nin Kızı series right under it.

Yeşil Vadi’nin Kızı Release Date

Yeşil Vadi’nin Kızı series met with the audience on July 3, 2023.

Yeşil Vadi’nin Kızı Official Trailer

Cast of Yeşil Vadi’nin Kızı

Beren Gökyıldız play as Melissa

Sezin Bozacı play as Mahinur

Onur Dikmen play as Metin

Turan Günay play as Cüneyt

Lale Ertiş Gençtürk play as Reyhan

Özgür Özberk play as Orhan

Hande Arısoy play as Azra

Ece Gürer play as Öykü

G.Ece Ercan play as Besime

Ezgi Ulusoy play as Yeşim Öğretmen

Aslı Saçar play as Begüm Hala

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