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Episode 1 Kirli Sepeti (The Dirty Basket): Trailer And Summary

The 1st episode trailer of Kirli Sepeti (The Dirty Basket) has been released! When will 1st Kirli Sepeti series be started?

Here is our news about the popular television program Kirli Sepeti's start date, channel and time of broadcast. All details about when and on which day the program will start, on which channel and at what time it will be broadcast are being investigated. Here are the details...The first trailer of Fox TV's new series Kirli Sepeti has been released. It has been a matter of curiosity when the series, which attracts attention with its strong cast and different plot, will start. Users are searching for when the series will be broadcast. So, when and on which day will Kirli Sepeti start? Which channel is Kirli Sepeti on and at what time? Here are the details .... 

episode 1 kirli sepeti
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Kirli Sepeti series is about the intertwined lives of servants and their employers working in a boutique site in one of the rich neighborhoods of Istanbul; We also witness the huge gap between those above and those below. Love, secrets, lies and three women standing side by side despite all these; We will watch his story, which sometimes makes you cry and sometimes makes you laugh, in Kirli Sepeti series ... Kirli Sepeti actors and actresses include Ceren Moray, Ayça Bingöl, Serkay Tütüncü, Cansu Tos.

Kirli Sepeti Episode 1 Trailer

Kirli Sepeti Episode 1 Summary

The death of Meryem, who works as a caregiver at Chrysanthemum Houses, casts a shadow over only half of the residents of the site. While the owners continue their lives as they are, Songül, a veteran of the house where she works, tries to keep her young daughter İlkgül, who lost both herself and her friend, afloat. Medine, who witnesses an unexpected moment at the house where she works, is forced to lie for the first time in her life, while Hayriye, who wants to help her friend, causes her much bigger trouble.

Kirli Sepeti with its 1st episode on Sunday, September 24 at 20.00! Read Also All Episode of Kirli Sepeti (The Dirty Basket)

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