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Episode 15 Kendi Düşen Ağlamaz: Trailer And Summary

The new 15th episode trailer of Kendi Düşen Ağlamaz (The Fallen Crying) has been released! In the end episode; Serkan, who reluctantly accompanies Alize's game, is not comfortable at all and warns Alize.... So what happen in the episode on September 28th?

The new episode trailer of TRT 1's popular series Kendi Dusen Ağlamaz has been released. In the trailer, it is seen that Alize learns the big secret that was kept from her and her life turns upside down. While Kadir tries not to lose Alize, the bond of brotherhood between Serkan and Sarp becomes stronger. When will the 14th episode of Kendi Fallen Ağlamaz be released? The 15th episode of Kendi Dusen Ağlamaz will be broadcast on Thursday, September 28, at 20.00 on TRT 1.

Kendi Dusen Ağlamaz is a romantic comedy series that tells the lives of two young people who are madly in love with each other. The series, starring our country's popular actors such as Hakan Yılmaz, Selen Soyder, Burak Berkay Akgül, Cemre Baysel, Hakan Dinçkol, Ayça Varlıer, Sibel Taşçıoğlu, Serhat Parıl, Zeynep Kankonde, Cemre Öktem, is produced by Yaşar İrvül and Efe İrvül, while Altan is the director of the series. Donmez is sitting. The script of the series, which is among the most ambitious works of the new season with its entertaining story, is written by Can Sinan.

episode 15 kendi dusen aglamaz
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What is the synopsis of Kendi Dusen Ağlamaz?
Kadir and Alize are madly in love with each other, but fate separates them. Kadir leaves Alize and goes to America. Alize learns that she is pregnant but cannot tell anyone about it. Years later, Kadir returns, but everything has changed. Alize is engaged to another man named Sarp. Kadir is in the hands of an evil woman named Cemile. Will Kadir and Alize's love reignite? Or are bigger tests waiting for them?

What happen in the end episode?
Alize has now learned the big secret. Everyone thinks that this secret is revealed at the dinner table, but the situation is completely different. Alize already knows the secret when she comes to the table. She responds to this game that was set up for her from the very beginning and leaves the house. Serkan, who reluctantly accompanies Alize's game, is not comfortable at all and warns Alize, but Alize is determined to teach her father a lesson. 

All their family and friends try to reconcile the couple, but their little interruptions in the meantime cause the game to be understood by some. Alize then raises her hand and takes the case to a lawyer, despite all of Serkan's objections, and decides to file a show case. However, no one yet knows when the game will become reality and reality will become a game.

Kendi Düşen Ağlamaz Episode 15 Trailer 

Kendi Düşen Ağlamaz Episode 15 Summary
Alize was shocked by the notification she received. Now there is another problem litigation to deal with; The same notification will also go to Serkan and things will get even more complicated, and he will even face the danger of losing Serkan. While he is trying to prevent a lawsuit from being filed, he is now trying to prevent Serkan from finding out that the case has actually been filed. However, a bad surprise awaits everyone. While the families continue their wedding preparations at full speed, unaware of all this, Alize and Serkan now have another problem to solve. They go after Adil, who has disappeared.

Gülbike Sonay Üte and Tuna Kıygı are co-writing the screenplay of "Kendi Düşen Ağlamaz" adapted from Ayşegül Çiçekoğlu's book of the same name. It is directed by Emre Kabakuşak and İnci Balabanoğlu, Kendi Düşen Ağlamaz episode 15 will premiere on September 28th. Read Also All Episode of Kendi Düşen Ağlamaz

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