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Episode 2 Dilek Taşı (The Wishing Stone): Trailer And Summary

The new 2nd episode trailer of Dilek Taşı (The Wishing Stone) has been released! In the end episode; Mustafa is a man in his early thirties trying to survive in the slums of Istanbul with his wife Canan and daughter Cemre.....


Watching the trailer for the 2nd episode of Dilek Tasi is frequently done by TV series fans. The series, starring Hazal Subaşı, Salih Bademci and Ozan Dolunay, will take its place on Kanal D screens every Thursday. The series, the first episode of which was broadcast last night, will be about Mustafa's life story. Citizens who like the first episode of the series want to know what will happen in the new episode of the series with the research of "Watch Dilek Taşı trailer".

Watch the 2nd episode trailer of Dilek Tasi. One piece research has taken its place on the agenda. The series, which started on Kanal D screens on Thursday evening, was greatly appreciated by the audience. At this point, "Has Dilek Taşı trailer been released, when will it be released, what will happen in the new episode?" These questions started to be researched by TV series fans. Here watch the trailer of Kanal D Dilek Tasi episode 2.

episode 2 Dilek Taşı
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Dilek Tasi Episode 2 Trailer: 

Mustafa has escaped, the Rona family is making the move! Dilek Taşı 2nd episode trailer has been released. Mustafa escapes from prison in the new episode trailer of the TV series broadcast on Kanal D and starring Salih Bademci, Hazal Subaşı and Ozan Dolunay. The second episode of the series, which attracted attention with its first episode, is preparing to deliver moments full of drama. Will there be an execution in the series where the Rona family is worried after Mustafa's escape? Here is the new episode trailer and episode summary of Dilek Taşı .......

The TV series Dilek Tasi, which is a candidate to become a phenomenon on Thursday evenings, is preparing to provide drama-filled moments with its new episode. In the trailer for the new episode of Dilek Tasi, Figen defends Mustafa. He opened a completely different window in the story by saying, "Cemre's father has nothing to do with this." Figen, who did not even mind Kenan questioning her, became a bridge between Cemre and Mustafa.

Dilektaşı, in which stars such as Salih Bademci, Hazal Subaşı, Ozan Dolunay, Perihan Savaş, Özge Özberk, took the lead, also increased the excitement with the new episode trailer. Kenan begins to suspect Figen's interest in Mustafa. However, this does not overshadow his own betrayal. The strange relationship between the two will evolve to another dimension with Mustafa's escape from prison.

What happen in the end episode?

Mustafa is a man in his early thirties trying to survive in the slums of Istanbul with his wife Canan and daughter Cemre. His wife Canan is in the grip of an incurable disease. He needs immediate surgery for his recovery. Mustafa, on the other hand, does not know how to find the money. The factory where he works has been closed for a long time due to the lockout. But Mustafa has to find the money for the surgery somehow.

Until that day, Mustafa did not bow before anyone and lived for his honor and dignity. But now he has no choice but to seek help. He sets out to find Yakup Bey, the owner of the factory, and ask for his unpaid wages for months. He will take the money and have his wife undergo surgery. However, what happened that day will radically change the whole life of Mustafa and his daughter Cemre.

Dilek Taşı Episode 2 Trailer

" You Will Not Forget the Name Mustafa Yılmaz ....!"

Dilek Taşı Episode 2 Summary

The September 12, 1980 coup took place and martial law was declared in the country. Mustafa is going to be executed step by step. Cemre hears from the Ronas that there may be news of her father's death. The little girl in pain was left in tears. Sinan, the younger son of the Ronas, is very upset about Cemre's situation.

A big rebellion breaks out in the prison. The prison administration suppresses this rebellion very harshly. It is decided to deport the prisoners who rebelled to Diyarbakır. Their executions will also take place there. As a result of the fight that broke out during transportation, the ring vehicle had a major accident. Mustafa and many prisoners escape. The news of Mustafa's escape hit the Rona mansion like a bomb. Meanwhile, Figen's prison visit was heard in the mansion and everything became very complicated.

Kanal D's new period drama Dilektaşı will appear before the audience with its first episode. The series, which attracts attention with its cast. Dilek Taşı Episode 2 will released on Thurs day on September 14th at 20:00 on Kanal D! Read Also All Episode of Dilek Taşı (The Wishing Stone)

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