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Episode 4 Bambaşka Biri (The Another Person): Trailer And Summary

The new 4th episode trailer of Bambaşka Biri (The Another Person) has been released! In the end episode; Leyla was shocked when Doğan, whom she thought was Kenan, went too far. So, what happen in the episode on October 2nd ....

Neslihan Yeşilyurt is the director of the series, produced by TİMS&B Productions and produced by Timur Savcı and Burak Sağyaşar. Ethem Özışık is the screenwriter of the series. Has the trailer for the 3rd episode of Bam Başka Biri been released? Has the trailer for the third episode of Bam Başka Biri, which premiered its second episode last night, been released? Here are the details... 

The TV series Bam Başka Biri, starring Burak Deniz and Hande Erçel, was on the screen with its second episode last night. The series, which was broadcast on FOX TV and attracted attention with its first episode, kept the audience glued to the screen with its second episode. The final scene of the series, which was talked about with every scene, left its mark on the night.

episode 4 bambaska birri
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Has the trailer for episode 3 been released? After the exciting finale, viewers are wondering whether the new episode trailer of the series has been released or not. The trailer of the TV series Bam Başka Biri, which is curious about what will happen next, was released after the fourth episode.

What happen in the end episode?

Leyla was shocked when Doğan, whom she thought was Kenan, went too far. When Kenan comes to, he learns what he did and tries to forgive himself. But it is not easy to soften Leyla's anger. Kenan, whose memory loss becomes more frequent, begins to doubt his sanity. He is not the only person who notices this situation. Having failed to kill his last victim, Doğan takes unexpected risks to prevent İrfan from speaking. 

Leyla and commissioner Refik, whose trust in Kenan is increasingly shaken, play a dangerous game to confirm the killer's connection with Kenan. This time it is Doğan's turn to fall into the trap. Leyla is not the only one suspicious of Ekrem, whose lies gradually accumulate. Tahir's secretive behavior, which also caught his attention, is actually the tip of the iceberg. Doğan and İdris are not the only ones trying to reach İrfan. Doğan now has new obstacles in front of him. 

Bambaşka Biri Episode 4 Trailer 

'' They will make headlines as incompetent prosecutors .....!''

Bambaşka Biri Episode 4 Summary

Even if Irfan is silenced at the last moment, there will be those who cannot remain silent in the face of some cruelty. Leyla, unaware that it was her own father who put a brake on her, goes after the date of September 7, 1995 to uncover the truth behind the murders. Leyla, who has to walk with Kenan on this path, encounters a face of Kenan that she has not seen before.

Ekrem is unaware that he has been caught on Doğan's radar. As the pressure on him increases, the deeper he gets involved will become. While Ekrem is met with cruelty when he expects some empathy from his wife, Turan gets tired of struggling with his own wife's anxiety. Moreover, Turan now has bigger concerns than his son going to prison. He will have to protect Kenan not only from the police, but also from much more dangerous parties.

Ekrem, who tries to protect his children from the truth, has severe consequences when he does not realize the danger that awaits him. Kenan, on the other hand, will feel some of the pains he has suppressed for the first time. In these moments, Leyla is the one standing next to him. When they realize how veiled the truth is, Kenan will resort to an unconventional way to get the answers he is looking for.

FOX TV's ambitious series, Bam Başka Biri, starring Hande Erçel and Burak Deniz, the 4th episode  released on Monday, October 2 at 20.00... Read Also All Episode of Bambaşka Biri (Another Person)

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