Episode 5 Safir (The Sapphire): Trailer And Summary

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The new 5th episode trailer of Safir has been released. In the end episode; While Gülfem, who learns that Ateş is going to marry Feraye, does not approve of this marriage.... So what happen in the episode on October 2nd?

Watch Safir episode 5 trailer! Has the new episode trailer of ATV and Safir been released, what will happen next week? Safir series met with TV series fans on ATV screens today, just like every Monday. Those who want to find out what will happen in the new episode after the last episode of the series continue their research by watching the Safir episode 5 trailer. Safir new episode trailer watch link and details from the episode summary.

Yaman is no more, there is Ateş and Feraye! The separation of Yaman and Feraye was seen in the new episode trailer of the series broadcast on ATV, starring İlhan Şen, Özge Yağız, Burak Berkay Akgül. Gülfem Gülsoy screamed and said, "You cannot marry that girl without trampling on my death. Do you want to kill me?"

episode 5 safir
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Safir, the love and drama series of Monday evenings, kept the audience focused on the love of Yaman and Feraye with its new episode. After Ateş's new move, social media reacted to the end of Feraye and Yaman's love. Yaman reacted by saying, "You came a month ago and were meeting secretly." Cold winds blew between Yaman and Feraye, who set off together in the new episode trailer of Safir. Yaman said, "Forget whatever you've been through, let's leave everything behind." "You came a month ago and were meeting secretly, is it true?" he asked. When Feraye answered "True", Yaman went crazy.

Safir series, broadcast on ATV screens, appeared before the audience with its end 4th episode. Those who watch the last episode of the series continue their research intensively by watching Safir episode 5 trailer. Here are 5th episode trailer and episode summary of Safir (The Sapphire) ....

What happen in the end episode?

Ömer is very angry that Vural broke into his house and comes to the point of breaking things off with Vural. Tension escalates on the Vural front. While Okan tries to get out of the situation on his own, he causes everything to get even more complicated. While Gülfem, who learns that Ateş is going to marry Feraye, does not approve of this marriage, Ömer puts the brakes on this marriage. Meanwhile, Yaman tries to convince Feraye to leave everything behind. Will Feraye succumb to her love after everything that happened?

Safir (The Sapphire) Episode 5 trailer 

'' Never forget who you belong to........ ''

Safir (The Sapphire) Episode 5 Summary

"Feraye's ex-girlfriend found out how she was getting married!" Yaman, who thinks that Feraye is cheating on him with her brother Ateş, swears to make Feraye's life miserable. With Yaman's continuous moves, Feraye is left in a very difficult situation. Meanwhile, wedding preparations begin quickly. Ömer wants everything to be in accordance with customs, first there will be henna. Gülfem, who cannot accept Feraye, has other plans to ruin this situation. The waters do not calm down on the Bora front either. Unable to get rid of his suspicions, Vural will take a new step to find out what really happened to his son.

ATV's new series Safir sounds like a bombshell. The 5th episode trailer came from the series, starring İlhan Şen and Özge Yağız. The 5th Episode will be released on October 2. Read Also All Episode of Safir (The Sapphire)

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