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Hazal Subaşı Commented about the TV series 'Dilek Taşı (Wishing Stone)'

Dilek Taşı (Wishing Stone) statement from Hazal Subaşı! 'There is incredible interest'

Hazal Subaşı, who shared the leading role with Salih Bademci and Ozan Dolunay in 'Wishing Stone', which left its mark on Thursday evenings on Kanal D, is happy with the complimentary comments made about the production, which is set in Istanbul in the 1980s and reflects the crisis of the period to the audience with all its realism.

Hazal Subaşı talked about the TV series 'Dilek Taşı. Hazal Subaşı, who played the character of 'Figen' in the TV series 'Dilek Taşı', directed by Altan Dönmez, which was at the top of the ratings with its first two episodes, was spotted in City's Nişantaşı the other day. Hazal Subaşı, who received great acclaim for her character "Figen" in the TV series Dilektaşı, which kept the audience glued to the screen with its first episode and broke rating records, was spotted in Nişantaşı the other day.

Hazal Subaşı Dilektasi
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The TV series Dilek Tasi, which has just started broadcasting on Kanal D, received great acclaim. Hazal Subaşı, one of the leading actors of Dilek Taşı, was seen the other day. Chatting with journalists, Hazal Subaşı made statements about the series. Subaşı said, "There is an incredible interest, which is very nice. The set is busy, but when you love the job and receive such positive comments, it doesn't seem that difficult." she said.

The beautiful actress, who said that it was repo day and she went shopping, making a statement about the Dilek Tasi series, Hazal Subaşı said, "This is a job that we all love very much. There is incredible interest, it is very nice. The set is intense, but when you love the job and receive such good comments, it does not seem that difficult. We are extra because it is appreciated and appreciated, We are happy," she said.

Stating that she could not take a vacation, Subaşı said, "I haven't had a vacation for a very long time. I haven't been burned out because of the series anyway. I don't wear a lot of make-up either. We do a lot of make-up on the set anyway, so I don't normally wear make-up." Read Also All Episode of Dilek Taşı (The Wishing Stone)

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