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Kader Bağları (Ties Of Destiny) Release Date Has Been Announced!

When will Kader Bağları (Ties Of Destiny) series begin? What is the synopsis? Who are the actors? What channel the series on?

It was wondered when the Kader Bağları series would start. With the start of the series season, series fans started to research the subject of Kader Bağları series. Kader Bağları series fans are wondering when the series Kader Bağları will start. So, what is the subject of the series Kader Bağları? Who are the actors and actresses of Kader Bağları series? When will Kader Bağları series begin? What channel is Kader Bağları series on?

The first promotional trailer for the TV series Kader Bağları, starring Ayça Ayşin Turan and Serkan Çayoğlu, has been released. Many details are being wondered about the Kader Bağları series, which will be broadcast on FOX TV. There is little time left for another new series of Fox TV, Kader Bağları, 

release date Kader Bağları
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Produced by Surec Film and produced by İnci Gündoğdu and İsmail Gündoğdu, the reading rehearsal of the new series "Kader Bağları" took place in Istanbul the other day. Pleasant moments were experienced during the rehearsals where Director Benal Tairi, Screenwriter Sema Ali Erol, actors and crew met.

The series Kader Bağları, starring Ayça Ayşin Turan and Serkan Çayoğlu, tells the story of the passionate, crazy love of two young people whose paths cross in a vineyard; It is about the test of love and struggle of Sevda (Ayça Ayşin Turan) and Kerem (Serkan Çayoğlu), people of two different worlds.

Kader Bağları Release Date

"Love is Conquering Fate." With the motto of the series, Ayça Ayşin Turan, Serkan Çayoğlu, Gamze Kılınç, Alptekin Serdengeçti, Nazlı Bulum, Sanem Babi, Mehmet Aykaç, Zeynep Köse, Tolga İskit, Aslı İçözü, Betül Çobanoğlu, Yusuf Akgün... Kader Bağları series will start On September 30th on Fox TV. 

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