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Episode 100 Kardeşlerim (The Sibling): Trailer And Summary

The new 100th episode trailer of Kardeşlerim (The Sibling) has been released! In the end episode; Asiye's head is in danger... What happen in the episode on October 14th?

Kardeşlerim series continues to be watched with interest both in Turkey and foreign countries. The success of the young actors in the cast was confirmed by the number of episodes the series reached. Although there are actors who have left the series, new actors have also been added to the cast and are still watched with interest, especially by young people. The support given to the TV series Kardeşlerim on social media is also huge. Kardeşlerim series continues to be among the most watched TV series in the new 4th season.

Even though it was broadcast on the same day with an important TV series like Gönül Dağı, the series is still in a good position in the ratings race. It is wondered what the ratings the series will get after the new series will start in the new season. The 99th episode of the series was broadcast on Saturday, October 14. So what happened in episode 100?

episode 100 Kardeşlerim
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What happen in the end episode?

While Suzan faces the fear of being arrested because of the crime she is accused of, Akif and Şevval are also pursuing different plans. Fatma is looking for a radical solution against Orhan, who wants to send her away from home. Akif, who goes out of town to handle the business of the club he and Yaman will open, encounters someone unexpected. While the tension between Lidya and Süsen bothers Ömer, Asiye, who finds a new job to support the family, is left with a great danger.

Kardeşlerim Episode 100 Trailer 

'' Berk wait please .....!''

Kardeşlerim Episode 100 Summary

'' The most lonely place in this city is my heart now .....''  Mahir quickly takes Asiye, who was poisoned by gas at the house where he works, to the hospital. While Akif is surprised to see Süreyya, whom he met outside the city, suddenly appear before him again, the ice between Orhan and Fatma slowly begins to melt. Lidya continues to devise sneaky games to drive a wedge between Süsen and Ömer. At the opening of the new club in which Akif and Yaman are partners, unexpected and important developments occur. Berk's firm decision to go abroad confronts Aybike with the deep fear of losing her loved one.

Kardeşlerim (The Sibling) which tells the heart-touching heart-touching story of siblings who were left without both a mother and a father when they least expected it, comes to the screens on Saturday, October 14th, on ATV with episode 100 is taking its place on the screens. Read Also All Episode of Kardeşlerim (The Sibling)

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