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Episode 19 Adım Farah (My Name Is Farah): Trailer And Summary

The new 19th episode trailer of Adım Farah (My Name Is Farah) has been released. In the end episode; Tahir becoming a partner in the company, the disappearance of Haluk....  What happen in the episode on November 4th?

Watch the trailer of the 19th episode of Adım Farah: The 18th episode of the TV series Adım Farah kept the audience glued to the screen. With the final scene of the series, fans were excited about the new episode. It is being investigated because the trailer of Adom Farah, which contains clues about the 19th episode, has been released. When will the new episode of Adım Farah, starring Engin Akyürek and Demet Özdemir, be released? Here are the detail ....

Is Adim Farah TV series an adaptation or a true story? The TV series Adım Farah is adapted from the series called ' a Muchacha Que Limpia ', which made a lot of noise in Argentina. This series had previously been adapted in countries such as the USA and Mexico. The original story of the series is based on a real event. A woman named Rita (Farah) witnesses a murder in a place where she works as a cleaning worker and is threatened by the criminals. Rita begins to do what the criminals want for her son's health and finds herself in a dangerous world.

episode 19 adim farah
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Where is the shooting location of the TV series Adım Farah? The shooting of the TV series Adım Farah continues in Istanbul. The sets specially prepared for the shooting of the series were designed to suit the atmosphere of the series. During the shooting of the series, necessary precautions are taken for the health of the actors and crew members.

What happen in the end episode?

Tahir becoming a partner in the company, the disappearance of Haluk, who transferred his shares to Tahir, and all these changing and uncertain situations make Behnam's connections in Iran uneasy and Behnam is forced to go to Iran. In Behnam's absence, Farah tries to meet with Tahir and dissuade him from this revenge plan. However, the meeting between Farah and Tahir and the events that followed lead to secrets being revealed. Ali Galip's will is opened and the person to whom he left the company shares will surprise everyone. While Mehmet tries to remember who shot him, he remembers something completely different but very important.

Adım Farah Episode 19 Trailer 

'' I Will Save You and Our Son ....!''

Adım Farah Episode 19 Summary

Tahir, who is determined to save Farah from where he lives with his son, needs the help of a surprising name to get the video that Behnam keeps in the safe. Farah has no intention of remaining unresponsive to Behnam, who is turning Kerimşah against Tahir. The arrival of great uncle Mahmoud Azadi from Iran changes all the balances. Not only Farah but also the Azadi family is affected by this situation, and Behnam wants to prove to his uncle Mahmoud that he is in control. 

A bad surprise awaits Mehmet at the police station as he takes action to return to his duty and find his brother. While Tahir, who is very close to getting the image back from the safe, encounters an unexpected situation, Farah is cornered by Behnam's wedding surprise. However, Farah and Tahir, who gain strength from each other's love, have no intention of letting Behnam win this time.

The new episode of the "Adim Farah" series, which will be watched with great admiration on FOX TV screens, The 19th episode will be with you on November 4th at 20.00. Read Also All Episode of Adım Farah (My Name Is Farah)

3 comments for "Episode 19 Adım Farah (My Name Is Farah): Trailer And Summary"

  1. It is the most chaotic headache of a show. The main Engin Akyurek lumbers around like Lurch on the Adam's family. He screams, well the two main always do. He threatens to kill brandishing a gun like a madman, throwing fits when he can't get his way, and looks like a toddler!!! The main actress is the worst in Turkey. She is a narsisstic exhibitionin Turkey. Known for always sleeping around to get her fame. Engin has had so many flops in his career, and Turkey cannot stand them at all. Dizalah ratings are some of the lowest. Fox needs to cancel this show that they have tried to change writers, cast, and now the day it comes on!! A violent movie that is supposed to be about a mother and child. But she constantly foreplays with a monster...yuck. No mother would hook herself up with a man like that!!!

  2. Disagree! It is an awesome series with many twists and turns to keep the audience on its toes! LOVE LOVE LOVE Demet and Engin - exceptional actors and their chemistry is OFF the charts! I look forward to seeing this series unfold week after week - as Farah and Tahir unite to fight the true "criminals" in this plot and unite as a FAMILY!!! #LoveAdimFarah!!!

  3. If this show is so good then why are the ratings the lowest?? Only thing keeping it going are old horny international fans. There is no chemistry, she can’t do real passion. The kissing is a joke!! Small lip closed pecks!! Ridiculous!!