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Episode 27 Ateş Kuşları (Firebird): Trailer And Summary

The new 27th episode trailer of Ateş Kuşları (Firebird) has been released. In the end episode; Barbaros's ring on her neck and kara's ring on his finger. What happen in the episode on October 13rd?

Ateş Kuşları series, which airs on ATV on Fridays, took its place on the screens with its 27th episode. Those who watched the last episode of the series during ATV broadcast hours want to watch the new episode trailer and continue their research by watching Ateş Kuşları 27th episode trailer. Ateş Kuşları with ATV new episode trailer watch link and episode summary details.

Ateş Kuşları series took its place on ATV screens with its new episode. Those who watched the last episode of the series continue their research by watching Ateş Kuşları episode 27 trailer, wanting to find out what will happen in the new episode. ATV series Ateş Kuşları new episode trailer watch link and end episode summary details are as follows;

In the end episode; Gülayşe is devastated by the death of her father, whom she cannot get enough of, but she has to get back on her feet. She will now take the reins. As Eyüboğlu's largest shareholder, he is determined to save his father's trust from Kara and Naz. So how will he achieve this when he doesn't even have a diploma? Gülayşe now has enough strength to realize all her dreams. With this power, will he crush the Firebirds, including the house at the rest stop, in order to build a dormitory for orphaned children?

episode 27 Ateş Kuşları
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What happen in the end episode?

Kara's kidney fails. Gülayşe proposes marriage to the man whose days are limited. However, she still keeps Barbaros's ring in her heart, just like her love for him. So, despite all this, why did Gülayşe choose Kara? Won't Barbaros burn all the ships when he hears that Gülayşe said yes to someone else? Gülayşe will be the bait to catch Feza. But how will Barbar, who is ready to burn the world for her, allow Gülayşe to get into danger? 

Will Gülayşe be able to do this by hiding it? Moreover, Barbar had accepted the protection offer of Hacer and Hacı Hafız. Gülayşe and Barbar are now always at odds. That's why trying not to listen to their hearts becomes even harder. How will they stay away from each other when their little squabbles bring back memories of the old days?

Ateş Kuşları Episode 27 Trailer 

'' I would give up everything for this guy ....!''

Ateş Kuşları Episode 27 Summary

Will Kara be able to hold on to life? What happens if you take death away from someone who lived to die? Will Kara hold the hand extended by Gülayşe, who wants to give him a reason to live?

Six rootless people together again. Even though the wound left in his heart by the Köksüzler is still bleeding, Kara now carries a piece of Ali inside him. And finally he confronts his brothers, who forcibly return the life they took from him. This reckoning gives hope for the future, but how long will it take for the 23-year-old wound to fade?

Hüma on one side, prosecutor Sare on the other side. Zıpkın's embrace of Sare, but at the same time, his pursuit of Hüma raises questions. Zipkin must make his decision as soon as possible, because betrayal of love is against the rule of a street child!

''I love what I don't deserve!'' Seeing Gülayşe married to someone else makes Barbar face the truth. While this situation tests his patience, it also takes away his heart, which he cannot control, and he goes to commiserate with his uncle Nizam. However, Barbar's patience wears thin when Gülayşe prevents him from settling scores with Çatal. What can a mad Barbarian do?

The popular series of ATV screens, 'Ateş Kuşları (Fire Birds)', will be on the screen with its 27th episode on Friday, October 13rd at 20.00 on ATV. Read Also All Episode of Ateş Kuşları (Firebird)

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