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Netflix's new series Asaf, full of action and mystery, attracted the attention of the audience as soon as it stepped on the platform. Whatis the synopsis of Asaf? Who are in the cast?

The shooting of the TV series "Asaf" started today (October 18). The series, shot for Netflix, features a strong cast. The production company of the film, İdea Film, said, “Asaf is on the road. Asaf series, created and directed by Özgür Önurme, has started shooting for Netflix under the production of İdea Film!”

Ahmet Rıfat Şungar will play the character of "Cüneyt" in the TV series "Asaf". In the series, which attracts attention with its strong cast, everything starts with the accident of Asaf, who is on the point of divorcing his wife. Asaf, who tries to hold on to life and provide for his family with all his good heart, will go through great tests.

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Synopsis of Asaf TV Series

The plot story of Asaf, which will meet the audience in Turkey on September 21, revolves around an ordinary Uber driver struggling with the difficulties in his life. This man, abandoned by his wife and son, will see his life completely change as a result of an unfortunate car accident. The series will bring to the screen the main character's efforts to preserve his moral values during this change process and the dramatic events he experiences.

Asaf TV Series Release Date

Asaf is among the expected productions of the platform, as it will be released on Netflix in 2024. It aims to offer the audience an emotional and exciting experience with its strong cast and gripping plot. It is expected that the series will attract the attention of the audience and be remembered for a long time, with its character depth and action-packed scenes.

Netflix members will follow the increasing curiosity and excitement in each episode as they prepare to discover the layers of Asaf's story and witness the performances of Cihangir Ceyhan and Saadet Işıl Aksoy in the leading roles. It will not be surprising if this new series becomes an indispensable option for action and drama lovers. Asaf promises to offer the audience a quality TV series watching experience, not only with its story but also with the fine workmanship in each scene.

Cast of Asaf TV Series

Directed by Özgür Önürme and produced by Idea Film, the series promises an action adventure adorned with dramatic elements, Asaf actors and actresses are: Cihangir Ceyhan (Asaf), Burçin Terzioğlu (Sema), Uygar Özçelik (Harun), Saadet Işıl Aksoy (Rüya), Sema Keçik (Nermin), Tayanç Ayaydın (Aziz), Serra Arıtürk (Meltem) will play their roles. Ahmet Rıfat Şungar recently joined the team of the series.

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