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Episode 22 Aile (The Family): Trailer And Summary

The new 22nd episode trailer of Aile (The Family) has been released. In the end episode; A dangerous surprise awaits Cihan And Serap on their wedding day..... What happen in the episode on November 28th?

Aile 22nd episode trailer is out. While the tension increases as Devin begins to demand accountability from everyone he suspects of shooting Aslan, Hülya stands in front of İbrahim and asks, "Did you get my son shot?" It is noteworthy that he asks: Watching the footage from the night of the incident, Devin said, "This is the man we are looking for!" This increases the curiosity about who the culprit is.

We Would Have a Baby. The new episode of the new season of Show TV's record-breaking series Aile gave exciting moments. Aile new episode trailer has been released. So when is the new episode of Aile, on which day and at what time? Here is the trailer and other details about the new episode of Aile series.

Watch the trailer for the 22nd episode of Aile: The new episode of the new season of Show TV's popular series Aile managed to become one of the most talked about with its exciting scenes. This production, starring Serenay Sarıkaya and Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ, has always been the center of attention with its unique plot and strong cast. With the final scene of the series, fans were excited about the new episode. Fans who are curious about the new episode of Aile series are investigating the trailer that contains clues about the new 22nd episode. 

episode 22 aile family
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So, when will the new episode of Aile start and has the trailer for the 21st episode been released? Here are the answers to these questions in the new trailer of Aile series. The series is on Show TV with its new episode on Tuesday, November 21 at 20:00. The trailer for the 21st episode of Show TV's record-breaking series Aile has been released. You can watch the trailer by clicking the link below.

What happen in the end episode

Devin, who finally surrendered to love after months, suddenly finds himself in the biggest test of his life. While Aslan is fighting for his life in the hospital, Devin decides to find the person or people who are trying to take the man he loves away from life. However, he will not walk this path alone. The greatest pain of their lives brings Hülya and Devin together. While the two women fight back to back for this cause, they go after the shooter who shot Aslan. I wonder who is the instigator of this incident? Elijah? Cihan? Nedret and Bedri? Or Ibo? 

While the note found in İbo's room, whose treatment continues at home, increases Hülya's suspicion, Devin confronts Bedri at the marina. Realizing that Bedri is someone who can do anything for his ambitions further fuels Devin's suspicions. Bedri, While he continues to implement the plans he established with Nedret; İlyas, who managed to save his daughter from prison in Aslan's absence, pursues an important problem. Cihan, another name on the suspect list, takes the first step towards becoming a family with Serap. However, a dangerous surprise awaits them on their wedding day. As the circle narrows, the shooter is eventually caught.

Aile Episode 22 Trailer 

'' We Could Have Had a Baby .... !''

Aile Episode 22 Summary

As a new era begins for Soykans; Aslan and Devin continue to live their love where they left off. After everything that happened, Devin makes a suggestion that he thinks will be good for both of them: starting couples therapy. Hülya takes action to regain her old power. His first step will be to take back the land of the farmhouse. The results of Devin's tests to see if she can get pregnant come out. While Devin was taking his breath away from the hospital; Learning about the cooperation of Bedri and İlyas, Aslan devises a plan to make the two fight each other.

Learning that they have a chance to become parents, Aslan and Devin make a new decision about their lives. When the day comes, they will raise their babies in a new home of their own. As Aslan takes action to find this house of his dreams; The couple shares this decision with the family. Faced with the possibility of losing her son, Hülya falls ill in front of everyone. While Devin thinks that Hülya's situation is psychological; Aslan, on the other hand, believes that his mother is using emotional manipulation.

Cihan learns that Hülya sent a hitman to his wedding. He will give the biggest lesson to Hülya, who is trying to ruin her happiest day with blood, by breaking her power. On the other hand, İlyas learned that Bedri was his son; He gives Nedret one day. Until this time expires, Nedret must explain the facts to Bedri. Aslan and Devin start couple therapy. While the therapy is sabotaged by Aslan telling crime stories; Devin will realize that his job is not easy at all. On the other hand, Aslan finally finds the house where he wants to live with Devin. A farewell dinner is organized at the Soykan table. However, Hülya is determined not to lose her son Aslan, whom she loves more than her life. 

Watch the New Season Episode 22 Trailer. The new season of the TV series Aile, starring Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ and Serenay Sarıkaya, will be released on November 28th. Read Also All Episode of Aile (The Family)

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