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Episode 9 Hudutsuz Sevda (The Boundless Love): Trailer And Summary

The new 9th episode trailer of Hudutsuz Sevda (The Boundless Love) has been released! in the end episode; Will Nedime, who even agrees to go to Asiye for Zeynep, be able to give up her daughter? What happen in the episode on November 23th?

Fox TV's new series of borders without a new episode of Action and Love with a new episode again tied millions of screens. Fans of the series enthusiastically began to wait for the new episode. Sevda viewers of the border without borders have already been published in Sevda 9th episode trailer? looking for the answer to the question. Here is the 9th episode trailer and summary of Hudutsuz Sevda.

FOX TV's excitement series, Sevda, with its action and love -filled scenes, fascinates its audience. The conflict between Zeynep and Halil İbrahim increases the excitement in every section with the story of revenge and love. Fox TV's popular series Borderless Sevda, action and love intertwined with the new section locked the audience on the screen. The series excites its fans with its highly anticipated new episode this week, as every week. The audience wondered if the 9th episode trailer of Sevda without Border has been published.

episode 9 Hudutsuz sevda
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In the end episode of the series, Zeynep threatens his father to reveal the secrets of the family, and Halil İbrahim and his friends have their freedom. However, Levent and his family will not easily accept this situation and ask for the head of Halil İbrahim in exchange for the security of Zeynep. How will Fikret protect his brother's life and heart? 

Halil İbrahim, who lost his father because of a blood feud when he was little, returned to his hometown Black Sea as a strong and handsome young man after 20 years. Here he plans to marry his lover Yasemin and establish a new life, losing control of his life. Halil İbrahim's journey to revenge enters a new era with the entering of Zeynep from the Leto family.

What happen in the end episode?

Even if Halil İbrahim, who is sure that Zeynep is innocent, wants to kidnap and save Zeynep, Zeynep's freedom is between Asiye's lips. Will Nedime, who even agrees to go to Asiye for Zeynep, be able to give up her daughter even if she gives up her pride? If they accept Asiye's condition, will Halil İbrahim and Zeynep be able to give up on each other?

Hudutsuz Sevda Episode 9 Trailer 

'' It was both our adversary and groom ........!''

Hudutsuz Sevda Episode 9 Summary

The fact that Zeynep will stay and marry Halil İbrahim rather than leave the country will deeply shake both Halil İbrahim's family and Zeynep's family. Asiye accelerates Leyla's engagement by using Zeynep's escape to Halil İbrahim as an excuse. This time, Halil İbrahim will sign this engagement not with a gun, but as a member of the family. Nedime calls her nephew Yılmaz, whom everyone is afraid of, to remind everyone who is behind their children. Time will tell to whom Yilmaz is a friend and to whom he is an enemy.

Starring Deniz Can Aktaş, Miray Daner and Biran Damla, the first episode of Fox TV's new series Hudutsuz Sevda Episode 9 will be on the screens on Thursday, November 23 at 20.00! Read Also All Episode of Hudutsuz Sevda (The Boundless Love)

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