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Hilal Altınbilek Short Biography And Profile: Turkish Actress

Who is Hilal Altınbilek? Who is Şebnem character of Şahane Hayatım (My Wonderful Life)? How old is she? Where is she from? What films and series have she acted in? What about Sebnem character?

Hilal Altınbilek plays the role of Şebnem in Şahane Hayatım. The series, starring famous actors Hilal Altınbilek and Onur Tuna, will appear before the audience with its first episode today. The series, directed by Çağrı Bayrak, is produced by Ay Yapım. So, who is Hilal Altınbilek, Şebnem of Şahane Hayatım, how old is she, where is she from? Which series did Hilal Altınbilek star in?

Hilal Altınbilek, who appeared before the audience with the character of Şebnem in Şahane Hayatim, is among the leading actors of the series. Şahane Hayatim series, produced by Kerem Çatay, will start broadcasting on FOX TV on Wednesday evening, November 1, 2023. In the series, Hilal Altınbilek will play the character of Şebnem and Onur Tuna will play the character of Mesut. Here is the life of Hilal Altınbilek, Şebnem character in the series Şahane Hayatım, and the productions she took part in...

Hilal Altınbilek profile

Who is Hilal Altınbilek?

Hilal Altınbilek was born on February 11, 1991 in Izmir to a family of Kosovo origin. He was interested in theater since primary school. He started acting while studying at Ege University Faculty of Business Administration. She entered the top 5 in a beauty contest and became a photomodel Between 2009 and 2010, he studied acting at the Müjdat Gezen Art Center in Istanbul, from the Contemporary Drama Group and Ali Haydar Elçığ. She had her first acting experience in the daily TV series Derin Sular, which was broadcast on FOX in 2011. 

Hilal Altınbilek played the character of Özlem in the TV series Karagül, which started broadcasting in 2013 and ended in 2016. In 2016, she played the character named Nil in the TV series called Aşkı Hayat. Finally, she played the character of Züleyha Yaman in the television series Bir Zamanlar Çukurova, which was broadcast on ATV between 2018 and 2022. In the same year, she starred with Engin Akyürek in the drama-thriller movie called Children Sana Emanet, directed and written by Çağan Irmak. She will soon play the character of Şebnem in the TV series Şahane Hayat.

Tv Series That She Has Played

2011 - Derin Sular [Deep Waters] play as İrem

2013-2016 - Karagül play as Özlem Şamverdi

2016 - Hayatımın Aşkı [Love of My Life] play as Nil

2018-2022 - Bir Zamanlar Çukurova [Once Upon a Time in Çukurova] play as Züleyha Yaman

2023 - Şahane Hayatım [My Wonderful Life] play as Şebnem

Cinema That She Has Played

2018 - Çocuklar Sana Emanet [Children are Entrusted to You]

Who is Şebnem Character of Şahane Hayatım?

FOX TV's new series Şahane Hayat was a production that kept the audience glued to the screen. Hilal Altınbilek, who plays the leading role in the series, received great acclaim with her character Şebnem. So, who is Hilal Altınbilek, how old is she, where is she from? Which series did Hilal Altınbilek star in? Here are the details…

Şebnem is a woman who came to life with great injustices, worked hard to overcome them, did what was necessary on this path, and is now trying to get rid of the criminal past that came and found her while she was living a wonderful life. Şebnem's life changes when she marries Onur Gümüşçü (Yiğit Özşener), a rich businessman she met while working in a repair shop. However, the secrets from Şebnem's past threaten her happiness. Şebnem struggles to protect both her love and her life.

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