Kader Oyunları (The Destiny Games) Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Drama

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What is the synopsis of Kader Oyunları (Destiny Games)? Who are in the cast? Which channeland when will Kader Oyunları be released? Where is the filming location?

Kader Oyunları [Bahar] series, which is planned to last for 2 seasons and broadcast 200 episodes of 45 minutes, will be broadcast under the name Bahar in other countries. Shooting started in November 2022. However, there is no clear information about when Kader Oyunları series will be broadcast. The producers announced the broadcast date of the series as 2023. So, the TV series Kader Oyunları will start in the coming months.

Kader Oyunları series, which includes very successful names, will be broadcast in many countries other than Turkey. Kader Oyunları [Bahar] is a daily TV series produced by Üs Yapım. It is not clear on which channel the Destiny Games (Spring) series will be broadcast in our country. We think that the series Kader Oyunları [Bahar] will appear before the audience on TRT 1 screens.

We shared with you the actors, start date and channel of Kader Oyunları [Bahar] series. You can let us know what you are wondering about the subject in the comments section below. We will share with you the actors, start date and channel of Kader Oyunları [Bahar] series. The series, whose script was written by Deniz Aydenk, is directed by Emre Bahadır Çırakoğlu and Serkan Aydıner. In this topic, we will share with you the names of the cast of the Kader Oyunları series, the start date and channel, and Kader Oyunları [Bahar] series actors and actresses.

Kader Oyunları cast
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Synopsis of Kader Oyunları [Bahar]

Plot story of Kader Oyunları: Bahar opens a course so that housewives can earn more income. The place where he opened the course is Demir's neighborhood. Demir and Bahar meet by accident and become closer in their relationship, which started with a fight. Harun and Aysun get married, but Aysun's goal is to kill Harun.

Cast of Kader Oyunları [Bahar]

Ali Yasin Özegemen as Demir

Ali Yasin Özegemen was born on May 30, 1989 in Konya. He studied at Muğla Sıtkı Kocaman University, Department of Accommodation Management. Our actress, who started modeling professionally at Izmir Rönesans Ajanst in 2011, participated in the Big Brother competition in 2015. Ali Yasin Özegemen, who was introduced to acting in the TV series Doksanlar in 2013, has previously taken part in projects such as Küçük Ağa, Yasak Elma, Yedikule Hayat Yokuşu.

Türkü Su Demirel as Bahar

Türkü Su Demirel was born on August 3, 1998 in Izmir. Türkü Su Demirel graduated from Istanbul Kültür University, Department of Architecture. Türkü Su Demirel, the winner of the Miss Cinema Competition, appeared in front of the camera for the first time in 2019 by starring in the music video of artist Sagopa Kajmer's song Toz Taneleri. Our actress, who became known especially for her character Saliha in the TV series Son Nefesime Kadar, last appeared in front of the camera with this series.

Hilal Yıldız as Aysun

Hilal Yıldız was born in Istanbul in 1997. Hilal Yıldız graduated from Kocaeli University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Acting. Our actress, who works under Ayça Irgan Management Company, actively performs in theater plays. Our actor, who also wrote the scripts of films such as Çocuk, Cennet’in Gözyaşları, Adı Efsane, Umuda Kelepçe Vurulmaz, Sana Bir Sır Vereceğim, Bulutların Ötesi, Bir Zamanlar Osmanlı Kıyam, was last in front of the camera in the movie Zengo in 2020.

Kadir Polatçı as Şeref

Kadir Polatçı, who was born in Istanbul on September 30, 1988, started playing football at the age of 7. Kadir Polatçı, who played for the Bahçelievlerspor club for the first time, won the Istanbul championship 8 times and the Turkish championship 3 times. He has also won championships in International Victory tournaments. Kadir Polatçı, who graduated from Kütahya Dumlupınar University School of Physical Education, has previously taken part in projects such as Arka Sıradakiler, Aşkın Zamanı, Arka Sokaklar, Kardeş Payı and Küçük Esnaf. 

Isabella Damla Guven as Elfin

Isabella Damla Güven, was born on January 18, 2009 in New York. She appeared in front of the camera for the first time in 2014 with the TV series Elif. Our child actor played the leading role in this series between 2014 and 2019. Our actress, who reached a wide audience especially with her performance in the TV series Elif, played the character of Bahar in this series.

Melis Özçimen as Hazan

Melis Özçimen was born on September 5, 1988 in Izmir. Melis Özçimen received one-on-one acting training from Serap Matyaş Bilen for about a year. Melis Özçimen, a social media phenomenon, has become known especially for her make-up videos on Tiktok. He appeared in front of the camera for the first time in 2021 with the TV series Never and was introduced to acting. Melis Özçimen works under Cüneyt Güngör management company. Our actress is especially known for the character of Sera, whom she played in Ah Nerede, the last TV series in which she appeared in front of the camera.

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