Episode 15 Bambaşka Biri (The Another Person): Trailer And Summary

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The new 15th episode trailer of Bambaşka Biri (The Another Person) has been released! In the end episode; Even though his family is unaware of Doğan's return, it is not that easy to hide this situation from Leyla. So, what happen in the episode on January 6th ....

The trailer for the 15th episode of the TV series Bam Başka Biri, starring Hande Erçel and Burak Deniz, has been released. Many details about the TV series Bam Başka Biri, broadcast on FOX TV, are curious. So, has the 15th episode trailer of Bam Başka Biri been released? When does Bam Başka Biri start?

The new episode trailer of FOX TV's series Bam Başka Biri has been released. Many details are being wondered about in Bam Başka Biri, starring Hande Erçel and Burak Deniz. The new 15th episode of Bam Başka Biri series will be broadcast on FOX TV on Saturday, January 6th. Here are 15th episode trailer and episode summary of Bam Başka Biri ....

episode 15 bambaska Birri
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Bam Başka Biri Plot Story: The brutal murder of Hamdi Atılbay in the forest brings together the paths of young prosecutor Leyla, who wants to leave her complicated past behind and establish a new order, and Kenan, an ambitious journalist who has an orderly and famous life. However, this murder heralds the destruction of not only their love, but also the truth they know about their lives.

What happen in the end episode?

Leyla's discoveries quickly begin to unravel the knots related to the Öztürk family. However, Leyla's ambition will push Turan to do things he does not want. Nevin experiences a confrontation that will change her perspective. Nuray and Nurgül continue to test the patience of the Gediz family. Taking advantage of the chaos they caused, Nuray plays with Tahir's conscience.

Idris, who finds himself in Doğan's games once again, owes him an explanation. This time it will be Doğan's turn to investigate his childhood. When Doğan takes control again, it becomes inevitable for him to fight Kenan. Even though his family is unaware of Doğan's return, it is not that easy to hide this situation from Leyla. Learning the facts, Sadık begins to act in panic. Taking advantage of this situation, Doğan's plan turns into an unexpected guest.

Bambaşka Biri Episode 15 Trailer 

Bambaşka Biri Episode 15 Summary

Stuck in a corner, Doğan relies on Turan's strength to get out of this situation. However, when the allegations are this big, the investigation cannot be prevented. Turan, who is becoming increasingly desperate, will do his best to stop Leyla. Leyla is torn between bringing a murderer to justice and protecting the man she loves. Hoping with all her heart that Kenan is innocent, Leyla will reopen old books. Realizing the seriousness of the lies she told, Nuray regrets hurting Tahir. However, the pain he caused Tahir was too heavy to be forgiven.

While Turan continues to lie against the law to protect his son, he chooses to be honest with Kenan. Kenan is devastated by what he learns about his childhood. Struggling with the possibility of being a murderer on top of all this will lead him to sudden decisions. No one can distract Doğan, whose fire of revenge is never extinguished, from his goal. One move by Idris, who is faced with losing Doğan, will change everyone's life forever...

FOX TV's ambitious series, Bam Başka Biri, starring Hande Erçel and Burak Deniz, the 15th episode  released on Saturday, January 6th at 20.00... Read Also All Episode of Bambaşka Biri (Another Person)

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