Episode 15 Yabani (The Wild): Trailer And Summary

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The new 15th episode trailer of Yabani (The Wild) has been released? In the end episode; Şebnem will find a way to put him in an even more difficult situation .... What happen in the episode December 19th of Yabani?

The last episode of Yabani series takes the audience on an intriguing journey. While the first trailer of the 14th episode further deepens Serhan's dark plans and his influence on Yaman, Güven is worried about his son and does not hesitate to show his feelings for him. Viewers are now waiting with great excitement for the second trailer of the 15th episode of Yabani. The series will meet its audience with its new episode next week.

Just when you think Güven is breaking the devil's leg, everything turns into a mess... The TV series Wild continues to appear on the screens on Tuesdays. The first trailer of the 14th episode of the series surprises everyone by showing the emergence of Serhan's dark plans. The character of Yaman surprises the audience as he puts up a tough fight against Serhan's games. With the latest developments, the audience is now waiting for the new episode trailer. The trailer has not met its audience yet.

Serhan's Dark Plans. In this episode, Serhan's plans become increasingly complex and dark. While Yaman hardens his attitude towards Güven, Güven's fatherly feelings are stronger than ever. The Conflict Between Guven And Yaman begin. Güven risks everything to save Yaman from Adil's hands. In this process, it is also a matter of curiosity how far Adil will go to avenge his son Rüzgar. Eşref's emergence and confrontation with the past adds a new dimension to the story.

episode 15 yabani
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Serhan's Surrender. While Serhan's surrender surprises everyone, this does not prevent him from making new plans. Serhan, who planted the seeds of a new plan before going to prison, chooses Yaman Ali as his representative outside. This decision will play an important role in the later episodes of the series. Neslihan And Guven Facing The Past. Güven and Neslihan have to confront their past. While Neslihan is faced with this situation that she has been avoiding and fearing for years, Güven also learns some facts. However, these facts affect their relationship and the future of their son Yaman Ali.

What happen in the end episode?

Güven decides not to go after talking with Şebnem. This decision he makes will not only bring great surprise to the Soysalans, but will also cause him to plant the seeds of a new plan for Serhan. The release of Rüya's father Metin from prison will be another cause of tension for Serhan. How will Serhan, who is squeezed from both sides, get out of this situation? After his release, Metin first goes to his daughter Rüya and ex-wife Şebnem. What Şebnem reflects to Rüya about herself drives Metin crazy. 

After the truth about his father, Rüya takes shelter in Asi. Asi understands him better after the evening he spent with Rüya; When he believes that the only cure for the dream is Yaman, he will make a move that will make Alaz very angry. While Cesur is trying to make his princess Çağla, who is still in the recovery process, smile, Serhan sees him. Cesur, who sees Serhan's true face, Yaman, who sees his father as a good family man; The ropes are stretched between them. Still, they come together in Umut's dream football match.

Yabani (The Wild) Episode 15 Trailer 

'' Mom ...., I Couldn't Protect My Family ......!''

Yabani (The Wild) Episode 15 Summary

Although the death of Umut, who fell victim to Serhan's game, will cause a great mourning effect on Asi, Cesur, Yaman Ali, Umut will leave the world by giving hope to many people, especially Ece, in a way worthy of his name. Yaman Ali, Asi and Cesur disperse in different directions under this feeling of mourning. While Asi goes to the ghetto, his accomplice Alaz, who will not leave him alone, will be with him. Alaz and Asi duo will burn in Alaz's hell this time too. Alaz will see an unexpected action from Asi, and Asi will see an unexpected action from Alaz. Cesur, on the other hand, greatly regrets Umut's death and will find himself in the dirt. 

Even though Çağla was next to him when he opened his eyes; Serhan will wake him up from this dream and add another motivation to Cesur, even if unintentionally... This motivation will cause Cesur to go on paths that he hesitates to tread. At the end of the day, when Asi and Cesur meet again in their own home, Umut's absence will hit them like a slap in the face. While all this is happening, Yaman Ali is completely dispersed, but Rüya will come to his aid as his compass. When he takes the injured Yaman to Güven, Yaman falls into Güven's plan, who is after Umut's murderer, with the information he received from Metin.

The trailer for the 15th episode of the TV series Yabani (The Wild), starring Halit Özgür Sarı and Simay Barlas, will be released on December 19th at 20.00. Read Also All Episode of Yabani (The Wild)

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