Episode 25 Adım Farah (My Name Is Farah): Trailer And Summary

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The new 25th episode trailer of Adım Farah (My Name Is Farah) has been released. In the end episode; Farah is reunited with her mother, whom she knew had been dead for many years. What happen in the episode on December 16th?

Has the trailer for the 25th episode of Adım Farah been released? The question started to be searched by fans of the series. A week of curious waiting began after the exciting last episode of Adım Farah, which meets the audience on FOX TV screens every Saturday. Here is the Youtube link to watch the trailer of Adım Farah episode 25.

The 25th episode trailer of Adım Farah series is full of developments that excite the audience before the new episode. Farah and Tahir's difficult paths, Mehmet's struggle for innocence and Farah's unexpected encounters make the series unmissable this week, too. The highly anticipated 25th episode trailer of the TV series Adım Farah has become a subject that fans are eagerly looking for. This popular series, which meets the audience on FOX TV screens every Saturday, left the audience in a week of excited anticipation after its last episode.

In the end episodes of the series, we saw that the characters Farah and Tahir needed a bone marrow transplant for Kerimşah and they tried to make Behnam believe this. However, it seems that this process will not be easy for the duo. Cooperating with his brother Tahir, Mehmet tries to prove his innocence by getting rid of the slanders thrown against him. In this process, Mehmet, who returned to his police profession, will surprise the audience with the surprises that await him at the police station.

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Farah's effort to save her mother takes a completely different turn with an unexpected move from Behnam. This development contains clues about the future episodes of the series. The TV series Adım Farah manages to keep the audience glued to the screen every week with its interesting story and strong characters. The series, which creates new excitement and curiosity with each episode, will appear before the audience this week as well. The details of the trailer and the new episode further increase the curiosity of the audience.

What happen in the end episode?

Farah is reunited with her mother, whom she knew had been dead for many years. As much as he feels happy about this meeting, he also feels the deep sadness of not being with his son. While Perihan wants to make a new start with her daughter Gönül, Orhan appears unexpectedly. Mehmet, who wants to take account of what he went through, soon finds himself in a plan prepared by Orhan. Behnam starts a manhunt by gathering all of Tahir's enemies from the past. Yılmaz, Tahir's fiercest enemy, has the power to change all balances.

Adım Farah Episode 25 Trailer 

'' Farah Will Not Know About This Agreement ''

Adım Farah Episode 25 Summary

The piece of glass in Orhan's hand threatens Farah's freedom, and Orhan takes advantage of this and makes an offer to Tahir to turn the situation to his advantage. Determined to stay away from dark affairs, Tahir is forced to accept this offer for Farah's freedom.

Instead of accepting his loss and stepping aside, Behnam begins to make preparations for his last move that will risk his own life. On the other hand, Mehmet takes action, thinking that Orhan will try to find a new partner instead of Ali Galip. Tahir has no peace of mind because he hid the truth from his brother, but he has to do it for Farah's sake.

Unbeknownst to Farah, Tahir begins to make preparations to take the blame in the worst case scenario. Farah receives a job offer from a hospital. Farah, who is excited at the thought of returning to her profession, finds new adventures at work.

The new episode of the "Adim Farah" series, which will be watched with great admiration on FOX TV screens, The 25th episode will be with you on December 16th at 20.00. Read Also All Episode of Adım Farah (My Name Is Farah)

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