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The new 25th episode trailer of Aile (The Family) has been released. In the end episode; Now,.... Aslan will have to make the most difficult decision of his life. What happen in the episode on December 19th?

Research on the Aile Episode 25 trailer watch screen has begun. The popular series of Show TV screens, Aile, finally appeared before the audience with its 24th episode. In the last episode of the production, which stars Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ and Serenay Sarıkaya in the leading roles, Devin makes a decision with the support of Aslan. However, life will test Aslan and Devin from places they never expected. The trailer for the new episode of Aile took its place on the agenda of the audience who wanted to see details from the next episode. 

So, has the trailer for the new 25th episode of Aile been released, what will happen next week? Here is the link to watch the 25th Episode trailer of Aile on Show TV and details from the new episode. Show TV's drama series Aile continues to appear on the screens with its new episodes. The production, starring Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ, Serenay Sarıkaya, Nur Sürer and Canan Ergüder, comes to the screens every Tuesday. Here is the 25th Episode trailer watch screen with Show TV and details about the new episode…

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The new episode trailer of the production, which is screened every Tuesday, has begun to be questioned. While Devin talking to Hülya draws attention when he says that the brake system of Ergun's car was deliberately broken, Aslan does not let go of the incident and proceeds step by step. In the new 25th episode, "Will Aslan and Devin find out who caused Ergun's death?" The answer to the question is eagerly awaited.

What happen in the end episode

While Devin mourns his father, he receives the greatest support from Aslan. However, when it is revealed that there is suspicion of murder in Ergun's death, a new struggle begins for Aslan and Devin. Aslan's research points to two people who could have caused Ergun's death: Hülya and Ergun's former partner Sermet. Shaken by the possibility that Hülya had a share in what happened, Aslan finds himself in the most difficult test of his life. The person who ordered Ergun's death; What will Aslan do if his mother, who is on the road to recovery, turns up? 

Chasing the truth with this huge burden on his back, Aslan tracks down Ergun's partner. Devin, on the other hand, continues his research on Hülya. Hülya, who started working for the Sevdem Foundation's upcoming presidential election, has a big rival in this election: Nedret. Nedret, who thinks that Hülya had a hand in Ergun's death, will not let go of this incident. Cihan tries to be good for Serap, who is dragged into a great depression. Realizing that Serap has a big secret about the Soykans, Cihan strives to heal the wounds of the woman he loves.

Aile Episode 25 Trailer

''  Nobody Can Depress My Husband ...!''

Aile Episode 25 Summary

Aslan and Devin, who continue couple therapy, decide to go on a private vacation. However, Seher's condition worsens as her disease progresses. After receiving this news, the couple turns their holiday into a family holiday where they will also celebrate Seher's birthday. However, Seher has one last wish: to see Cihan and Serap with the eyes of the world on this holiday.

While Aslan keeps his distance from this idea, Hülya's attitude becomes much harsher. This reaction of Hülya increases the suspicion that Serap knows something about her past. This doubt sets Aslan and Devin into action. I wonder what the secret Hülya is keeping about Serap? Cihan decides to take Serap and join the family holiday as a surprise. Serap, on the other hand, starts to implement her secret plan to settle past scores. Cihan, who wants to heal the wounds of the woman he loves, asks Aslan and Devin for help as a last resort. The four spend a night together. 

Talking to Devin that night will be good for Serap. During this holiday, Hülya receives information that will corner Nedret. On the other hand, it is time for Bedri to settle accounts with İlyas after learning what happened to his mother. While what she witnessed during the holiday increased Serap's loneliness; It leads everyone to an inevitable end. At Seher's birthday dinner, the secrets kept for years are finally revealed. What happened at this table; It will deeply shake the whole family, especially Aslan, Devin and Cihan.

Watch the New Season Episode 25 Trailer. The new season of the TV series Aile, starring Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ and Serenay Sarıkaya, will be released on December 19th. Read Also All Episode of Aile (The Family)

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