Episode 3 Altın Kafes (The Golden Cage): Trailer And Summary

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The new 3rd episode trailer Altın Kafes (The Golden Cage) has beeen released. In the end episode; Serhat enters a path where his life will be in danger. What happen in the episode on December 17th?

The new trailer of the 3rd episode of ATV's popular series Altın Kafes has been released. Produced by Arc Film, written by Rahşan Çiğdem İnan and directed by Cem Akyoldaş, has been released. '' Isn't marriage something that should happen between two people?'' in the breathtaking trailer before the new episode. 

In the end episode; Before Onur could get over the shock of bumping into Seher, he saw Zeynep in front of him. He walked away with Zeynep, telling Ahu to take the woman he hit to the hospital and to keep her alive. In order not to be suspected, Onur posed for the tabloids with Zeynep as if he did not know about her. The next day, news that Zeynep and Onur were lovers appeared everywhere. Zeynep suddenly became the center of attention of both the press and the curious eyes around.

Serhat learned that his mother's lifeless body was found on the side of the road. He went on a trail to reveal his mother's murderer. Serhat's research led him to the Beyoğlu family. Ahu, who was disturbed by Zeynep's presence after the news in the magazine that Onur and Zeynep were lovers, told Onur that the investigation into the accident was now closed, so there was no need to meet with Zeynep. Ahu also said that Zeynep received money from Nalan for her father.

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As Zeynep realized that Onur was interested in her, she started to have feelings for him. However, Onur suddenly became cold towards her and told Zeynep that she had misunderstood everything between them. Onur took a step back because he was afraid of opening his heart to someone again because of his deceased ex-wife. Zeynep, who was unaware of this, was greatly disappointed by Onur's words. Meanwhile, Nalan received a video of Ahu confessing that he hit a woman about the accident.

The support of Zeynep and Onur's relationship by her grandmother, Zümrüt Hanım, led Nalan to make a new move. Thinking that Onur should be with Zeynep, not Ahu, Nalan cornered Onur by threatening him. In this case, Onur has only one option left. He went to see Zeynep to win her heart again. Zümrüt Hanım came to Onur's aid. Onur, whose whole family went to Zeynep's, asked Zeynep in front of everyone, ''Will you marry me?'' He shocked me by asking.

What happen in the end episode?

Onur is shattered when his car hits the woman who suddenly jumped in front of him. The lies Ahu tells will completely change the lives of Onur, Zeynep, Serhat and Ahu. Serhat enters a path where his life will be in danger. Zeynep finds herself in a lie. While Onur confronts himself and his past; Ahu enters a dangerous game with Kenan to prevent the lies she tells from being revealed. Nalan, who is in the middle of all the events, will be of key importance and will turn all the plans upside down.

Altın Kafes Episode 3 Trailer

'' If he wants to play, let's play .....''

Altın Kafes Episode 3 Summary

"The girl is in love with you, but you are so blind..." Zeynep says yes to Onur's marriage proposal and the rings are put on. Zeynep, wondering why this marriage decision was made in such a hurry, wants to talk to Onur privately. On the one hand, Onur has realized his feelings for Zeynep. That's why he's confused. Disturbed by this change in Onur, Ahu goes crazy with jealousy and takes action to plan revenge. Serhat linked the Beyoğlu family with the accident, but he does not know who the real murderer is. For this, it is necessary to be closer to the family and it must find a way to enter that house. While the marriage preparations continue at full speed, a curtain of secrets surrounds the Beyoğlu family and those around them. But Zeynep is completely unaware of these dirty secrets.

ATV's new series 'Altın Kafes (The Golden Cage)', produced by Arc Film, written by Rahşan Çiğdem İnan and directed by Cem Akyoldaş, is on the screen with its 3rd episode this evening on ATV on Sunday, December 17th at 20.00. Read Also All Episode of Altın Kafes (The Golden Cage)

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