Episode 7 Şahane Hayatım (My Wonderful Life): Trailer And Summary

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The new 7th episode trailer of Şahane Hayatım (My Wonderful Life) has been released. In the end episode; Şebnem, who does not even let her opponent breathe, shows both Istanbul, Melisa and Aysel So what happen in the episode on December 13th?

Şahane Hayatım, one of Fox TV's remarkable productions, is met with great interest in its new season, and the trailer for the 6th episode is eagerly awaited. The adventure of Mesut, who is determined to track down Şebnem, from Izmir to Istanbul, seems to keep TV series fans glued to the screen. Here are 7th episode trailer and episode summary of Şahane Hayatım ....

Fox TV's popular series Şahane Hayat arouses great curiosity with its 6th episode trailer. In particular, the signals that the tense relationship between Şebnem and Mesut may go deeper excite the audience. In the end episode; Mesut, who follows Şebnem on her journey from Izmir to Istanbul to unravel the secrets of her past, tries to discover her connection with Arzu. However, it turns out that a mysterious stranger is also after him. This situation signals that Mesut may be dragged into a complex story.

episode 7 sahane hayatim
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The trailer for the 7th episode of Şahane Hayat, which series fans have been eagerly awaiting, offers the audience clues about the ongoing story of the series and the mysterious relationships between the characters. The production's impressive acting and story texture make the audience impatient as they wait for the new trailer to be released. The details of the trailer to be released are eagerly awaited by the audience.

What happen in the end episode?

Melisa did what she was supposed to do: She went to Şebnem and Onur's invitation with Mesut on her arm! Seeing this unexpected couple in front of them, Şebnem and Onur were surprised at what happened, but the night has to continue... No one can reveal their true feelings! Everyone will play their own game around the elegant dining table, and things will get more complicated than ever between the foursome!

Melisa, who reveals the bomb that she and Mesut will get engaged during this very action-packed dinner, falls into the hands of Şebnem. Şebnem, on the other hand, does not miss this opportunity and pulls Melisa into her own play arena! Şebnem, who does not even let her opponent breathe, shows both Istanbul, Melisa and Aysel who the real queen is! Melisa will not remain idle, she will take action to respond to Şebnem!

Şahane Hayatım Episode 7 Trailer 

'' Look and See, I Will Make His Wife Divorce ......! ''

Şahane Hayatım Episode 7 Summary

Şebnem never ceases to have troubles! When he wakes up in the morning and sees municipal workers digging the ground in the garden of his house, he is surprised at what happened. Şebnem, who was confused about what to do when she learned that the excavation work would pass through Niyazi's grave, is she now at the end of the road?

Mesut feels responsible towards Şebnem because of the game he played with Melisa. He decides to confront Onur and talk! However, this conversation goes somewhere unexpected and with a surprising development, the four of them find themselves on the road to vacation! Or will this holiday take Mesut and Şebnem's relationship to a different dimension?

Onur is very confused because Melisa stipulated divorce. What event will change Onur's mind, who thinks about the consequences of his decision and does not want a divorce?

Şahane Hayatim episode 7 broadcast date has been announced. The 7th episode of Şahane Hayatim, Fox TV's ambitious series by Ay Yapım, will be released on December 13rd. Read Also All Episode of Şahane Hayatım (My Wonderful Life)

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