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Episode 9 Sakla Beni (Hide Me): Trailer And Summary

The new 9th episode trailer of Sakla Beni (Hide Me)has been released. In the end episode; While Mete is trying to take control of Kadir's business despite his grandfather, a surprise name that appears before Ziya..... What happen in the episode on December 28th?

After the end episode of Sakla Beni, people are curious about the new episode trailer. Viewers are excitedly waiting for what will happen next week with the new episode trailer. Sakla Beni keeps the audience glued to the screen with its successful acting and different plot. In the series, which airs every Thursday, Incila's story deeply affects the audience. So, has the trailer for the new episode of Sakla Beni been released? 

Excitement is at its peak! While Mete and Naz take action to prevent this forced marriage, Mete, who is willing to confront Kadir in order not to lose İncila, realizes that he has hit a hard rock, while Incila's last decision makes everything even more difficult. Viewers who watched the 8th episode of Star TV's new series Sakla Beni started to research the 9th episode trailer. The highly anticipated new series Sakla Beni Episode 9 trailer has been released

episode 9 sakla beni
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Sakla Beni Plot Story: Mete and Naz are the apple of the eye of their rich and powerful families. They are both pampered and used to getting everything they want in life. Their story, which begins with the promise made by their families in their childhood, flows towards marriage today as they cannot break away from each other. However, the sudden appearance of Naz's servant, Incila, who has been with him since childhood, makes Mete question all the decisions he has made in life. Will this encounter between Incila and Mete change the direction of this story that Naz wrote with all her stubbornness and enable Mete to find true love? 

What happen in the end episode? Incila, who wants to end the growing tension, says that she wants to marry Kadir, which will be a shocking development for Mete and Naz. While Naz, who thinks that İncila did not make this decision freely, tries to convince her, a major confrontation occurs between İncila and Naz for the first time. 

While Mete, who does not want to accept that İncila will marry Kadir, continues to look for a way out, Count Ziya, who receives the news of Kadir's pressure, takes control of the situation with his own methods. Although Mete is pleased to receive his grandfather's support, the attitude taken by Count Ziya when he confronts Kadir is not at all what Mete expected. 

Sakla Beni Episode 9 Trailer

'' Congratulations my dear, you are getting married ....!''

Sakla Beni Episode 9 Summary

The offer made by Count Ziya surprises everyone. Needing someone he can trust, Count Ziya draws Kadir to his side with this move, while also aiming to teach his grandson Mete a lesson. Naz, who is looking for a definitive solution not to leave Incila, confronts Ziya and tells him how valuable Incila is to him. While Kadir and Incila, who came to dinner as guests of Count Ziya, are having a stressful evening, the atmosphere becomes tense with the arrival of an unexpected guest.

Unable to upset Naz, Incila goes to pick up Mete from the bar. While this development creates an opportunity for the couple to share their feelings, it leaves Incila in a difficult situation in front of Kadir. Naz's new plan, who wants to prevent İncila's marriage with Kadir, is about to initiate a process that will change all balances.

Star Tv's highly anticipated new series, Sakla Beni Episode 9, released on Thursday, December 28, at 20.00. Read Also All Episode of Sakla Beni (Hide Me) 

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