The New Series 2024 of FOX Tv Series Will Titled Gaddar (The Wicked)

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The New Series 2024 of FOX Tv Series Will Titled Gaddar (The Wicked). Another Actor Joined FOX TV's New Series Gaddar

 Another actor has joined the Gaddar series, which will be broadcast on FOX TV. The series replaces Yasak Elma TV series. A new series will start on FOX TV screens. According to the news of Birsen Altuntaş; New actors are joining the series one after another. According to the information obtained, another actor has joined the series.

The TV series "Gaddar" is one of the most eagerly awaited ambitious TV series. Çağatay Ulusoy, Onur Saylak and Sümeyye Aydoğan share the leading roles in the series, which is planned to be broadcast on Friday evenings after the end of "Bam Başka Biri" on FOX as of the new year. A very special actor is a guest in the series written by Hürer Ebeoğlu and directed by Sinan Öztürk.

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Finally, Erdal Yıldız, who gave a great performance as "Abi" in Netflix's film series "10 Days of the Good Man" and "10 Days of the Bad Man" with Nejat İşler, played a dark character with a long criminal record named "Zafer Bora" in "Gaddar". will give life and will be the guest of the first 3 episodes of the series, which will witness breathtaking events.

Release Date of Gaddar
Famous actor Erdal Yıldız, who lives in Germany, is the guest of the TV series "Gaddar", the first trailer of which is expected to be published this week. The series is expected to be on screen in February 2024. Unless something goes wrong, it is expected that the series will continue in the summer season.

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