Yabani (The Wild) Episode 17 Released Has Been Changed!

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Has the new trailer of Yabani episode 17 been released? Who was that name saying goodbye to the series? Yabani (The Wild) 17th Episode 1 Trailer Will Be Released On Tuesday, January 9 on FOX! Yabani New Episode released on Every Tuesday Evening at 20.00 on FOX!  Here are the details from the new trailer of Fox TV's popular series.

The trailer for the 17th episode of the TV series "Yabani" was published on FOX TV, and the new episode, which the audience has been waiting for with great curiosity, adds a new dimension to the story with the internal struggles of the characters and their interactions with each other. The drama that follows Umut's death leaves the audience both emotional and curious.

Yabani (The Wild) Episode 17
The new trailer of the series contains important clues about the details of the traffic accident that occurred in the last episode. Can't one person survive the accident? Asi, Cesur and Yaman Ali go into a deep mourning process after Umut's tragic death. While each of them tries to cope with this pain on their own, the events that develop between them and Alaz, who does not leave Asi alone, attract attention. While Cesur struggles with the regret he feels about Umut's death, he finds himself in an unexpected situation. Even though he finds Çağla next to him when he opens his eyes, the real turning point for Cesur will be the new motivation that Serhan provides him.

episode 17 yabani release date
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While Yaman Ali is scattered, Rüya's compass-like guidance and her cooperation with Güven cause Umut to go after her murderer. In the chain of events that started with his arrest in front of the hospital, Metin reveals evidence from the past to Şebnem. This situation may significantly affect his and Rüya's life. The games fictionalized by Serhan and the struggle between Güven and Yaman are among the highly anticipated scenes of the series. How Serhan's plans will be affected by unexpectedly revealed facts continues to be a matter of curiosity.

Casts of Yabani: Halit Hür Sarı, Simay Barlas, Yurdaer Okur, Dolunay Soysert, Bertan Asllani, Tayanç Ayaydın, Şebnem Hassanisoughi, Osman Alkaş, Ayşegül Ünsal, Sezer Arıçay, Rojbin Erden, Seray Özkan, Selim Can Yalçın, Ramiz Mullamusa, Güray Görkem, Bartu Dilmen, Aleyna Kırmızı, Aşkın Şenol

Yabani Episode 17 Release Date
Yabani (The Wild)'s new 17th episode is on FOX on Tuesday, January 9! 🤍✨

Yabani Episode 17 Trailer Promotion

'' Who are you protecting from whom?” said the Savage. “Do we like the streets or do the streets like us ....?''

Ali, who was kidnapped from a well-established family and hit the streets when he was almost four years old, returns home seventeen years later as Yaman. This story is the story of this young man's struggle to recreate himself as "Yaman Ali".

Yabani Series Production
Producer: Fatih Aksoy & Mehmet Yiğit Alp
Production Company: NTC Media
Director: M.Çağatay Tosun
Story/Scenario: Hilal {Yıldız}
{General} Coordinator: Emel Kurt
Practitioner Producer: Savaş Yengin
Music: rare Gündüzlü
Genre: Drama

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