Aşka Düşman (The Enemy of Love) Episode 2: Trailer And Summary

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The new 2nd episode of Aşka Düşman (The Enemy of Love) has been released. In the first episode the series start when İnci Neva, one of Bahriye's daughters, encounters doctor Uygar (Cem Yiğit Üzümoğlu). What happen in the episode on January 11st?

Aşka Düşman, TV8's new series, came to the screens with its first episode recently, and this week it will appear before the audience with its second episode. The series, which attracted attention with its first episode, is about the experiences of İnci, who was raised by a mother who was resentful of love, and her lover Uygar. 

Aşka Düşman series was appreciated with its first episode, now all eyes are on the new episode. The series, which will be broadcast on Thursdays with the TV8 broadcast stream, has been a matter of curiosity with its subject, cast and especially the shooting locations. The shooting of the series was completed in the summer. Here is the 2nd episode trailer and episode summary of Aşka Düşman!

episode 2 aska dusman
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Aşka Düşman focuses on the difficult love story of İnci, who was raised by a mother who is distant from love, with the doctor Uygar. In this dramatic story, İnci will be among three siblings and experience the journey of love full of impossibilities. The emotional bond between them and Doctor Uygar draws the audience into an emotional story full of various obstacles and difficulties.

What Happen In The End Episode?
In the series, which was shot in Izmir, Istanbul and Bursa, the events will start when İnci Neva, one of Bahriye's daughters, encounters doctor Uygar (Cem Yiğit Üzümoğlu). There will be many obstacles in the way of the love of two young people who are in love with each other.

Aşka Düşman Episode 2 Trailer

Aşka Düşman Episode 2 Summary

İnci Neva locks herself in the mansion with a feeling of guilt. Bahriye asks Mahur for help for İnci. Unable to accept her brother's close relationship with the man she loves, Mahur speeds up her marriage preparations. Bahriye faces blackmail from Mahur. When Mahur invites Uygar and her mother Neriman to her house, Uygar and İnci meet here for the first time after their close encounter in the bay. 

When İnci realized that the man her sister was going to marry was Uygar, she says that Uygar attacked her. The Navy is destroyed. This development will disrupt the balance between the two brothers and open the doors that Uygar had tightly closed in the past.

Aşka Düşman (The Enemy of Love) Episode 2 released on TV8 on Thursday, January 11! Read Also All Episode of Aşka Düşman (The Enemy of Love)

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