Episode 1 Senden Önce (Before You): Trailer And Summary

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The First Episode Trailer of Senden Önce (Before You) has been released! When will the series start?

The shooting of Kanal D's highly anticipated new series Senden Önce started in Şile. The first images from the set created a great impact on social media. The first images from the set of Senden Önce, adapted from the worldwide successful TV series "Till Death", have emerged. Photos of Alp Navruz and Sinem Ünsal, who played the married couple Hakan and Merve in the series, attracted great attention on social media.

Senden Önce, starring Alp Navruz and Sinem Ünsal and Nilperi Şahinkaya, will meet the audience very soon. Directed by Feride Kaytan, the series will bring to the screen an impressive story woven with love, betrayal and revenge. Kanal D News Director Asiye Acar visited the set of the series and met with the leading actors. The actors, who impress with their elegance, made sincere statements about the series, the first trailer and their characters. Here are those explanations...

episode 1 senden once
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Very In Love, ... Very Passionate

The first images from the set of Kanal D's new series Senden Önce appeared. Sinem Ünsal, who evaluated her character Merve as "a woman focused on her goal", said: "We will see a woman who is very in love, very passionate and very focused on her goal." But ''Emotions or goal ...?'' Merve will come to a crossroads at this point... Our adventure begins there. We will watch a young woman whose motivation constantly changes and who clings tightly to each new motivation she acquires. 

Merve can do whatever she believes in, I expect it from her. In fact, he is a bit like all of us... Both good and bad... That's the good thing about him anyway... He behaves differently when he is hurt, and differently when he becomes a target. There is no such thing as a simple truth. So he is a very real character.” Before You, in which betrayal, love and loyalty are questioned, the script of which was written by Başak Anigün and directed by Feride Kaytan, will soon be on the screen on Kanal D.

Senden Önce Episode 1 Trailer

Senden Önce Episode 1 Summary

The shooting of the series, which attracts the attention of the audience with its on-screen introductions, published posters and twisted story, takes place in various districts of Istanbul, especially Şile and Balat. The summary of the first episode of Before You, starring Alp Navruz, Sinem Ünsal and Nilperi Şahinkaya, is as follows:

Hakan and Merve are a couple who have great problems in the first phase of their 6-month marriage, but despite all these problems, they are passionately committed to each other. Merve just has a problem that she hasn't been able to express or confide in Hakan for the last few months. But no matter how hard Hakan tries, he cannot persuade his wife Merve to talk and share his problem.

While Hakan is going to Ankara for a business trip, he meets Sahra at the airport. A surprise awaits him when he arrives at the hotel where he will stay in Ankara. Sahra and Hakan crossed paths by chance and booked rooms next to each other at the same hotel. But with a sudden decision made by Merve, all balances will change.

The 1st episode of Senden Önce (Before You) series, signed by D Media, which takes place in the triangle of love, loyalty and betrayal, will appear before the audience on Tuesday, February 13th at 20.00.  Read Also All Episode of Senden Önce (Before You)

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