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The new 2nd Episode of İnci Taneleri (Pearl Grains) Has Been Released! In the end episode; Azem, leaving the dinner at Piraye's house, sees Zahir in front of him. What happen in the next episode on February 3rd?

İnci Taneleri, the script of which was written by Yılmaz Erdoğan and in which he played the leading role, has started. The series, which brought together Hazar Ergüçlü, Selma Ergeç, Güven Kıraç and Kubilay Aka in its cast, shook social media. Azem Yücedağ, who was detained in prison for years, was released. Azem, who first found a place to stay, went to his wife Hande's grave as the day dawned.

After being released from prison, Azem came to the grave of his deceased wife, Hande. Pouring his heart out at his wife's grave, Azem read the poem 'Perpetrator' from his book, which he published under a different name, at the graveside. He promised his wife that he would find their children. Azem went to talk to the dormitory manager to find his children. The principal said that he needed to find a lawyer, but he could reach his children through the court. Azem then went to the pharmacy owned by his friend Kasım. Kasım was very happy when he saw Azem and asked why he didn't inform him. Azem stated that he had already worked hard for her when she fell in, so he didn't want to bother her. Azem, who went to eat with Kasım, talked about his dreams to his friend at the table. Kasım could not hold back his tears while listening to Azem.

Zerre entered, cursing the hotel employee Izzet. Azem was very disturbed by Zerre, who was constantly swearing. He sat next to him and took the knife from his hand. He warned Zerre. Zerre said she would listen to what he said. Azem's action and speech attracted the attention of Dilber, who was coming down the stairs. Dilber asked Zerre to take her photo and left the hotel, saying '' Look who's here, welcome.'' When Izzet wondered who Azem was, he searched the internet. About Azem: 'Violence against women does not end. He saw the news with the title 'Teacher murder was blood-curdling'. In the evening, Dilber came to Azem's room to meet him. Dilber tried to get to know Azem and asked questions. When Azem could not answer, he left the room. In the morning, İzzet showed Zerre and Dilber the news about Azem. Dilber and Zerre couldn't believe what they saw.

While Azem was going for a job interview, the private teacher of the child he was going to teach left the house, saying he couldn't take it anymore. Ayça said that she was already taking lessons at school and also stated that she did not want to take lessons at home. Azem was amazed at the wealth Piraye made by selling buttons. Dilber confessed her feelings. Azem was suspicious of hotel employee Izzet's cold behavior towards him and Zerre's interest in him. When Izzet insisted on finding out why, Izzet explained what he saw. Azem said, "Yes, I am that guy you see on the internet, but I didn't do it." Izzet "slander?" When asked, Azem replied, "No, I accepted the crime." Izzet "Why?" When he insisted, Azem said, "This is the part of the matter that is not on the internet, the truth."

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Dilber suddenly entered Azem's room. When Azem asked what happened, Dilber stated that her husband came to the hotel. Dilber felt better by hugging Azem in the rush of her experiences. When Dilber and Azem went out to eat pita, Dilber's husband was watching them. After sitting at the pita restaurant, Dilber started by stating that she had never experienced such things. She kissed Azem, telling him that she had butterflies inside her and that she was in love with him. While Azem cannot shake his surprise; They realized that Dilber's husband was following them.

Dilber's husband, Zahir, sat at the table. Azem also got angry when they interrupted the conversation at the table and talked back and forth. When tension rose between the two, Zahir fell to the ground with a slap from Azem, who tried to hold him by the collar. Afterwards, with the intervention of those around them, the couple could barely be separated. When they arrived at the hotel, Azem told Dilber that he was going a little too fast and that he was not ready for a relationship yet. Dilber got angry and stabbed Azem with the needle she used to sew her jacket. Azem continued to give lessons to Ayça upon Piraye's wishes. When Ayça got angry and told her mother about what she had written, Azem finally managed to establish healthy communication with her student. When Piraye entered the room, she saw Ayça's writing. When Piraye stated that the writing was ugly, Ayça could not stand it and left the room.

Piraye invited Azem to dinner, saying that it would not be appropriate for him to go at dinner time. An argument broke out between Piraye's brother Talip and his brother Tayfun at the dinner table. Saying that he could no longer bear what Talip said, Tayfun left the house. At the end of the day, Piraye expressed to Azem that she was sorry for what happened and thanked Ayça for seeing her like this for the first time in a long time. After leaving Piraye's house, Zahir and a few men appeared before Azem. While Dilber was dancing in the music hall with her red shoes and dazzling black dress, Zahir and his entourage beat Azem. Seeing Azem collapse after the blows he received, Zahir and his relatives fled the scene.

What happen in the end episode?

Azem goes to prison for killing his wife years ago. The strong friendships he formed in prison become even stronger as Azem's release day arrives. Azem leaves prison with an emotional farewell from his friends. Azem visits his wife Hande, whose death he is blamed for, at her grave. Expressing his longing for his wife with the poem he read, Azem said, "It is not only your love, but also your perpetrator!" He cannot control his emotions while reading his verses. While Azem is having a business conversation on the phone at the entrance of the hotel, Zerre comes. 

Zerre is both Dilber's assistant and cousin. Zerre's slang conversations annoy Azem. During the argument between Azem and Zerre, Dilber goes downstairs and the first encounter with Azem takes place in an eventful manner. Zahir is the man Dilber was forced to marry years ago. Dilber helps him stay away by giving him money from time to time. However, Zahir, who sees Azem and Dilber side by side and even kissing, causes trouble and causes trouble. Azem comes to Nergis and Kasım's house and remembers his wife with his closest friends after many years. The truth, which could not be told to anyone years ago at Azem's insistence, is a wound that does not heal within Nergis and Kasım.

İnci Taneleri Episode 2 Trailer

İnci Taneleri Episode 2 Summary

Kanal D's BKM-signed series Yılmaz Erdoğan, Inci Taneleri series comes to the screen with its new episode on Thursday evening. The summary of the new episode of the series, which is about the story of Azem Yücedağ, clinging to life is as follows;

Azem, who was beaten by Zahir and his friends, does not give up on this matter. This hostility has put Dilber and Azem in danger. While Azem is trying to adapt to his new life, Cihan, like all the residents of Kuyucak District, is preparing for the developments that will happen. Azem, who tries to continue his life by giving private lessons, searches for clues about his children at every opportunity.

Starred by Yılmaz Erdoğan, the 2nd episode of İnci Taneleri was broadcast on Kanal D on Friday, February 1, 2024 at 20:00. Read Also All Episode of İnci Taneleri (Pearl Grains)

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