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Episode 21 Safir (The Sapphire): Trailer And Summary

The new 21th episode trailer of Safir has been released. In the end episode; Bekir, who captured Yaman, offers him a very difficult choice to decide on. So what happen in the episode on January 22th?

Safir series took its place on ATV screens with its 20th episode. Those who watch the latest episode of the series want to see scenes from the new episode and do research to watch the Safir new episode trailer. Safir series, broadcast on ATV screens, appeared before the audience with its 20th episode. Those who want to watch the new episode trailer of the series are intensively researching to watch the new 21st episode trailer of Safir. Here is Safir episode 21 trailer watch link and all details of episode summary.

The story of the prominent Gulsoy family of Cappadocia, including trials full of ambition, passion, revenge and bullying that emerged in one night. Safir Episode 21 will meet the audience on ATV screens on Monday, January 22 at 20.00. The fate of Ateş, who disappeared in the last episode, is wondered. Yaman takes action to save Ateş's life. Will brotherhood or enmity prevail? The answer to this question is eagerly awaited.

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Feraye, on the other hand, wants to take a break from her relationship with Yaman after losing her job and home. However, Aleyna proposes to him secretly. Will Feraye accept an offer from a famous brand? Bekir, on the other hand, offers to escape with Cemile when the murder he committed is revealed. How will Cemile respond to this offer? While seeking revenge, Bekir captures Yaman, the only person who knows his secret. 

What happen in the end episode?

Feraye, who lost both her job and her home, wants to take a break from her relationship with Yaman for a while. In this regard, Yaman is sharpened against Ateş, who comes out from under every rock, and blames him. Güneş is worried about Ateş, who disappeared. With the intervention of Okan, Yaman finds that Ateş goes after him not to hold him accountable but to save his life. Will Yaman be able to save Ateş? Will brotherhood or enmity prevail?

At the same time, Ateş is walking step by step towards an event that will change his life. The unpleasant surprise that awaits him ties Yaman and Ateş together with a secret. On the other hand, Feraye does not want to insist anymore and decides to leave the workshop. Aleyna, on the other hand, is trying to find him a secret job and send him from Ürgüp. Will Feraye fall into the trap set by Aleyna and accept the offer from a famous brand?

Safir (The Sapphire) Episode 21 trailer 

'' We can't even come together anymore ......''

Safir (The Sapphire) Episode 21 Summary

Ateş is confused after Yaman's confession to the murder. Bekir offers him a new deal. What will be the step that Ateş, who said yes to this offer to protect Yaman, will take when he meets Vural? Feraye thinks that she has been pushing Yaman too much lately and takes a step back. The two experience warm, loving moments again. Yaman, who thinks that he will get rid of Aleyna thanks to the evidence he will get from Bekir, gets very hopeful to reunite with Feraye. 

While all this is happening, a name that comes to Feraye drags her into one of the biggest dilemmas of her life. Before Feraye can get over this shock, Ateş calls her to meet about the divorce case. However, when Feraye goes there, she is shocked by the words she hears from Ateş. So will Yaman be informed about this sudden meeting? Ateş expresses his feelings for Güneş, but a surprise name comes to Güneş and says words that will make Güneş question this relationship. What is this person and the news he gives that upset the entire balance of Güneş?

ATV's new series Safir sounds like a bombshell. The 21th episode trailer came from the series, starring İlhan Şen and Özge Yağız. The 21th Episode will be released on January 22nd. Read Also All Episode of Safir (The Sapphire)

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