Episode 21 Yabani (The Wild): Trailer And Summary

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The new 21th episode trailer of Yabani (The Wild) has been released! In the end episode; Neslihan learned that Serhan was the real responsible for every mistake ..... What happen in the episode February 6th of Yabani?

The trailer of the 21th episode of the TV series, Yabani, which is about the journey of a life that starts with a life struggle on the streets after being kidnapped from a well-established family and ends up in a mansion, is being studied with curiosity by the audience. So, has the trailer for Yabani episode 21 been released? What will happen next week in Yabani?

The popular TV series of Tuesday evenings, Yabani, came to the screen with its 20th episode. While Eşref's murder hits the Soysalanlar house like lightning in the series Yabani, directed by Çağatay Tosun and written by Hilal Yıldız, Yaman Ali is sure that Serhan is the one who did it. However, the blame was placed on his father Güven rather than Serhan. So, has the trailer for Yabani episode 21 been released? Here are the detail ......

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What happen in the end episode?

Yaman Ali is determinedly pursuing proof that Serhan is responsible for his grandfather's death. What they learn from the driver shows that Serhan's accomplice is Şebnem. But will Yaman Ali be able to risk dragging their relationship into a dead end by becoming suspicious of Rüya's mother, with whom he started this journey?

After Yaman Ali and his neighborhood friends pick up his mother from the Soysalanlar household, another curtain of mystery opens. Throughout her marriage, Neslihan learned that Serhan was the real responsible for every mistake she blamed herself for. All his children, including Alaz and Çağla, take care of Neslihan, but Serhan is now left alone and has to pay the price for his sins. Neslihan wants to take shelter in Güven in this difficult time.

Yabani (The Wild) Episode 21 Trailer 

'' My only concern is to protect the dream ......!''

Yabani (The Wild) Episode 21 Summary

Yaman cornered the two, making sure that Serhan and Şebnem were the ones who killed Eşref. This information, heard by everyone at the commemoration ceremony, hit the Soysalans' agenda like a bomb. The one who is most affected by this is Rüya. Yaman's suspicion of his mother opens an irreversible path for both of them.

It was an extremely devastating situation for Neslihan to have the two people she had kept closest to her for years taken to the Police Department as suspects of her father's murder. While he was looking for a safe haven, Güven's wife Özge appeared before him and the truth hit him hard. While Özge wants to get to know Yaman and understand what kind of a trap she has fallen into, she makes a rapid entrance into their lives.

Ruya, shaken by the arrest of her mother as a murder suspect, learns some even more painful truths from her father, Metin. Şebnem and Serhan are trying to put all the blame on Metin. Rüya enters into a struggle to protect what's left of her family, even pitting Yaman against her. While he moves forward without knowing that the path he follows is on a thin rope, Yaman is determined not to give up on him at all costs.

The trailer for the 21th episode of the TV series Yabani (The Wild), starring Halit Özgür Sarı and Simay Barlas, will be released on February 6th at 20.00. Read Also All Episode of Yabani (The Wild)

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