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The new 29th episode trailer of Aile (The Family) has been released. In the end episode; Will Yağmur and Bedri be able to overcome these obstacles to their marriage? What happen in the episode on January 23th?

While the 28th episode of Family confronted us with the situation of Aslan, who is afraid for Devin, who is struggling to survive in the hospital, all eyes turned to the trailer of the new episode of the series. While there is a different excitement every week in the series, which is counting the days to the finale, the question of whether there will be a happy ending in the last episodes of the series is looking for an answer. Here, Aile Series episode 29 trailer has been released!

While Aile Series was coming to the screens with its new episode, the trailer of the series, which gave clues about what will happen next week, was aroused curiosity. In the series where excitement is at its peak with only a few episodes remaining until the finale, what will happen in the love of Aslan and the Giant has become a matter of curiosity. Here is the trailer for Aile Series episode 29!

episode 29 aile
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In the new episode trailer, where Aslan, Devin and Seher go to Adana to eat bici bici and warm moments that make people smile, Hülya says to Devin, "I found you very recently, I never want to lose you!" It is noteworthy that he says: While Bedri and Yağmur bring their mothers together and declare their love, there is tension between Neşe and Nedret. While Cihan is being attacked by more than one person in a place, Hülya comes to the place with a gun in her hand, which arouses curiosity. Aslan's encounter with his new enemy increases the excitement of what will happen. How the surprise character played by Cenk Kangöz will change the balance will be revealed in the new episode?

What happen in the end episode?

While the family breathes a sigh of relief after Devin is discharged from the hospital, a new test awaits Aslan and Devin. Because of the attack, Devin's pregnancy and birth are life-threatening for both herself and her baby. Even though Aslan wants to be a father more than anything, he cannot take the chance of losing Devin. While they think they should terminate the pregnancy for Devin's health, Devin is undecided on the issue. So what will the couple decide about their baby?

Seher makes a list of the things she wants to do from the world's perspective. Aslan takes action with Devin to fulfill his grandmother's wishes. The night the two spend with Seher will be a turning point for their family. On the other hand, Hülya thinks that Kıymet may be a threat to them after İlyas's death and visits her. Ferman begins to plan to kill Aslan as he promised. For this, he will knock on the door of an important person: Albanian Babür.

Aile Episode 29 Trailer 

''  One Last Revenge  ...!''

Aile Episode 29 Summary

While Seher's loss shook everyone deeply; Aslan learns that Ferman is alive. Now Aslan has begun to suspect that the Mughal troubles in their lives are also the work of Ferman. This time, Cihan goes after Ferman to complete the work he left unfinished. Devin, who learns about Babür and Ferman, thinks that both threats should be eliminated. However, Aslan is determined to keep the promise he made to Devin at the hospital. He will never get his hands dirty again. Aslan takes action regarding Babür and Ferman. On the other hand, Aslan has a plan to keep Devin, who has a risky pregnancy, away from stress: Birth preparation camp! Devin shares the information with Hülya and Nedret that Ferman is alive, despite all Aslan's warnings. Thus, the trio begins to implement their own plans to get rid of Ferman.

The edict will make Aslan and Babür fight each other. Learning that Bedri will get married in two days, Babür makes a big move on Bedri. This move will ignite everything. While all family members are carrying out their own plans without knowing each other, Cihan manages to catch Ferman. Now he and Aslan need to make Ferman talk. However, their job is not easy at all. A surprise name will play a key role in the journey of making Ferman talk. And the big day finally arrives. While Bedri and Yağmur get married at the marina with a magnificent wedding, Ferman takes action to complete his unfinished business. Will the "Roman Wedding Curse" occur once again?

Watch the New Season Episode 29 Trailer. The new season of the TV series Aile, starring Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ and Serenay Sarıkaya, will be released on January 23th. Read Also All Episode of Aile (The Family)

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