Episode 3 Yildizlar Bana Uzak: Trailer And Summary

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The new ATV series Yildizlar Bana Uzak met the audience with its 3rd episode: In the end episode; After 6 years, Kadir was released from prison... Here are 3rd episode trailer and episode summary of Yildizlar Bana Uzak ....

The 3rd episode of the Yıldızlar Bana Uzak series, produced by O3 Medya and Ortaks Yapım, written by Ercan Uğur and directed by Bahadır İnce, will meet the audience on ATV screens on Sunday, January 14 at 20.00. Kadir is a man who regained his freedom after 6 years of prison life. However, his mind still burns with the fire of revenge. Together with Yahya, they make a plan against those who betrayed them years ago and begin to move forward step by step. 

However, one of Kadir's main goals is to prove his innocence to Aslı, the woman he loves. Aslı is shocked when she sees Kadir again. While She, on the one hand, feels that she still loves him, on the other hand, she thinks about what happened in the past and falls apart. This situation is a factor that may affect Kadir's revenge plan. On the other hand, Han is aware of everything and this makes him even more angry. He also makes his own plans and takes his place in the chess game. 

yildizlar bana uzak episode 3
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Now the struggle between the parties has begun. Kadir will fight hard to both clear himself and take his revenge. However, it is unclear who will be with him and who will support him on this journey. Everything is interconnected and difficult to control. Kadir's revenge plan is a time to settle accounts with his enemies, from whom even the stars are far away. However, this showdown will be full of unexpected surprises.

What happen in the end episode?

After 6 years, Kadir was released from prison. While advancing his revenge plan with Yahya step by step, one of Kadir's goals is to prove to Aslı that he is innocent. Aslı breaks down when she sees the man she loves in front of her again. Han, on the other hand, is aware of everything and this makes him even more angry. Now the chess game has started...

Yildizlar Bana Uzak Episode 3 Trailer

'' You will sit at the table of those who call you a murderer ...!''

Yildizlar Bana Uzak Episode 3 Summary

Kadir, who was shot on the opening night of the hotel, is rushed into surgery. Asli is at his bedside. Aslı, who is afraid of losing Kadir, blames herself for this feeling. When Han realizes the invisible bond between Aslı and Kadir, he makes new plans. Yahya follows everything step by step from prison. Kadir sits at the table of the people of Varna upon Orhan's invitation. That night will end unexpectedly.

Yildizlar Bana Uzak Episode 3 Trailer is Now on Our Site! The Eagerly Awaited Series is Coming to the Audience on ATV. 3rd Episode Will Be Released on Sunday, January 14th  2024. Read Also All Episode of Yildizlar Bana Uzak (Stars Far From Me)

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