Character Cast of Taş Kâğıt Makas (Stone Paper Scissor): Turkish Drama

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Who are in the cast of Taş Kâğıt Makas (Stone Paper Scissor) series? What about their character?

The cast of KANAL D's new series, Taş Kâğıt Makas, is curious. It is planned that the TV series Taş Kâğıt Makas will be the new season series. There are important actors in the TV series Taş Kâğıt Makas. But who are Taş Kâğıt Makas casts? Here is who plays which character in Taş Kâğıt Makas? Here is the answers to your questions!

The series Taş Kâğıt Makas, produced by MF Yapım, directed by Yusuf Pirhasan and written by Uğraş Güneş, is getting ready to meet the KANAL D audience soon. But who are the actors of the TV series Taş Kâğıt Makas?

Among the actors of the TV series Taş Kâğıt Makas; Ekin Koç, Serra Arıtürk, Ozan Güven, Hande Ataizi, Burak Yörük, Hüseyin Avni Danyal, Aytaç Uşun, Bülent Seyran, Selim Galip, and Anıl Taşezen, here are the character cast of Taş Kâğıt Makas series. Read Also All Episode of Taş Kâğıt Makas (Stone Paper Scissors)

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Umut, who lost his mother and brother in a traffic accident when he was a child; He lives a poor life with his father Rıza in a slum built on a steep slope behind the city's largest skyscrapers. Umut, who has hyperthymesia, has an extraordinary memory ability. He remembers every moment he experiences down to the smallest detail and perceives the world around him in a different way. His whole life changes when his father is arrested as part of a murder investigation. In order to prove his father's innocence and achieve justice, he turns into a winning, self-confident and powerful lawyer with this talent. The most important factor that enabled them to meet Alev and progress in their relationship will be this ability to remember.


Alev is a brave, determined and intelligent law student who does not give up in the face of difficulties and whose life is based on justice and truth. When they unexpectedly meet Umut on a public bus, a special bond forms between them. Even though they part ways from time to time, Alev is Umut's biggest supporter in his search for justice, with his struggle for justice and professional achievements; Over the years, he turns into a strong, independent, determined lawyer.


Harun, a smart, charismatic, funny and devilishly hairy, high-profile lawyer; It has a dark past. He has a brave and ambitious nature and does not hesitate to try any means to achieve his goal. While his relationships with big businessmen, mafias and criminal organizations push him to navigate complex and dangerous waters; He is a chameleon with his ability to adapt to any environment and his colorful personality. Harun won all the cases he took in his career with his strong communication skills and the different methods he used; He also has a colorful private life with his luxurious lifestyle, sweet talk and flirty attitude. Harun, who crosses paths with Umut because of a case, will both travel to his own past with the information he learned in the process and discover different aspects of his character.


Süreyya is an intelligent, beautiful and tough public prosecutor. Süreyya, who has a unique attitude and great oratory skills, is a woman who is very successful in her job and is feared in the legal community. Unlike his friend from university years, Harun, with whom there is an unspoken attraction and fierce competition, he is a lawyer who is extremely devoted to the state, business ethics and institutions. The quick decision he makes in a case for which he is the prosecutor will trigger the fight for justice that Umut started for his father.


Fecir, who appears to be a strong, attractive and charismatic person from the outside, is a sociopath with emotional fluctuations, arrogance, macho and unable to control his anger. Fecir, who experiences his emotions beyond limits, continues to feel the wounds of his traumatic past in his inner world. Fecir was raised to be the president of the Emirkıran Group, with the responsibilities his father placed on him due to his feudal ideas; Even though he tries to hide his emotional weakness, he sometimes reveals it through the songs he listens to. Crossing paths with Büşra, whom he discovered on a social media application and was very impressed by her singing, will change everyone's life.


Kadri Palaz adopted Harun, whom he had known since his father's death, like a son. He sent Harun to the best schools and made him become a great lawyer. Kadri plays like a chess master in the legal arena, using Harun as a tool beyond a lawyer. The biggest goal of Kadri Palaz, who never likes to settle for less, is to find a place for himself in the bosses' club. The father-son relationship he established with Harun, the very strong bond between them, will be put to a great test with the Fecir Emirkıran case.

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