Episode 17 Sakla Beni (Hide Me): Trailer And Summary

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The new 17th episode trailer of Sakla Beni (Hide Me)has been released. In the end episode; Incila is very angry at everyone for the pain they have caused her for years ..... What happen in the episode on February 22th?

Viewers who watched the 15th episode of Star TV's new series Sakla Beni began to research the 17th episode trailer. The highly anticipated new series Sakla Beni Episode 17 trailer has been released Star TV's new 17th series Sakla Beni will be broadcast on Star TV on Thursday February 22nd at 20:00...

Sakla Beni Plot Story: Mete and Naz are the apple of the eye of their rich and powerful families. They are both pampered and used to getting everything they want in life. Their story, which begins with the promise made by their families in their childhood, flows towards marriage today as they cannot break away from each other. However, the sudden appearance of Naz's servant, Incila, who has been with him since childhood, makes Mete question all the decisions he has made in life. Will this encounter between Incila and Mete change the direction of this story that Naz wrote with all her stubbornness and enable Mete to find true love?

episode 17 sakla beni
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The cast of Star TV's new series Sakla Beni includes many successful names. Names such as Uraz Kaygılaroğlu, Cemre Baysel, Asude Kalebek, Şenay Gürler, Ceyda Düvenci, Nilüfer Açıkalın, Sevinç Erbulak, Gökşen Ateş, Kamil Güler, Nizam Namidar, Sera Tokdemir, Edip Saner, Açelya Devrim Yılhan, Sıla Korkmaz, Emine Uyar and Tamer Levent. He is a member of the cast of the TV series Sakla Beni.

What happen in the end episode? 

Incila, who is shocked to learn the great truth that was hidden from her, is very angry at everyone for the pain they have caused her for years. Atif, who learns the truth about Bible, reacts greatly to Ziya for causing his grandson to live as a servant in his own house. While Ziya feels great guilt about this situation, Bible feels the need to be alone. Although Mete tries to find a way to talk to her, the biggest support for Incila comes from Kadir. Naz is on the verge of a critical decision about her baby. Mete, on the other hand, experiences the problem of not being able to express his true feelings on this issue. While Naz, who is worried that the balance at home is changing and she is falling out of favor, wants İncila to remain as she has known for years, Incila signals that nothing will be the same anymore.

Sakla Beni Episode 17 Trailer 

'' Are You Playing The House ....?''

Sakla Beni Episode 17 Summary

While Incila's request surprises everyone, Naz, afraid of losing her power at home, does not accept this request and a big conflict breaks out between them. While Mete tries to calm them down, Incila accuses him of not understanding and ignoring his suffering. Bible, whose main goal is to protect her own life, cannot suppress her anger at those who hide this great truth from her. Atif, who thinks that Bible has been very sad for years, makes his grandson feel his support. Mete and Bible are saddened to see that their love has become even more impossible with the latest developments. While Osman, who learns that İncila is not his grandchild, takes action to punish those he sees as guilty, Mete and Incila are left alone with a great danger.

Star Tv's highly anticipated new series, Sakla Beni Episode 17, released on Thursday, February 22th, at 20.00. Read Also All Episode of Sakla Beni (Hide Me) 

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