Episode 19 Sakla Beni (Hide Me): Trailer And Summary

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The new 19th episode trailer of Sakla Beni (Hide Me)has been released. In the end episode; While Kadir witnesses a heartbreaking moment, he decides to share what he saw with Naz ..... What happen in the episode on March 7th?

The trailer for the new episode of the production, which airs every Thursday, has begun to be questioned. Sakla Beni series, came to the screens with its new episode on Thursday evening, February 29, 2024. In the production starring Uraz Kaygılaroğlu, Cemre Baysel and Asude Kelebek, we watch the struggle of İncila, who learns that everything she knows about her life is a lie, and her struggle to get used to her new life and take revenge on the past. An irreversible path has been entered in the love of Mete and Incala. Viewers who were curious about what would happen in the next episode began to question the trailer. Alright; Has the trailer of Sakla Beni with Star TV been released, what will happen next week? Here are the details...

'' Don't leave us, Mete ....''

Has Sakla Beni trailer been released, what will happen next week? The viewers started their research by researching the trailer of the 19th episode of the series. In the series, which left everyone in suspense with its last episode, Incala promises to take revenge for the past, and her love with Mete has taken an irreversible path. Viewers who were excited for the new episode began to investigate. Here, watch the trailer of Sakla Beni Episode 19 with Star TV

episode 19 sakla beni
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What happen in the end episode? 

While everyone is shocked when Mete is shot while trying to protect Incila, Naz, who holds Incila responsible for this incident, vomits anger at her. While the anxious wait continues in the hospital corridors, seeing Gülten and Cemil there surprises everyone. Kadir confronts Naz with some truths about himself that he insistently avoids seeing. Naz, who is disturbed by the acquaintance of Cemil and İncila, begins to suspect that there may be something between Mete and Incila, even though she does not like to think of such a thing, and begins to search for evidence. Atif, who had a big argument with Filiz, shocks everyone with the gesture he decides to make to Incila. While Kadir witnesses a heartbreaking moment, he decides to share what he saw with Naz. But very critical moments have begun for Naz and her baby.

Sakla Beni Episode 19 Trailer

'' What are you doing here ....?''

Sakla Beni Episode 19 Summary

While Naz is experiencing great pain after losing her baby, this development upsets the entire household. Claiming that Naz does not take care of herself, Filiz blames her daughter and Mete for losing her grandson. Incila tries to be with Naz. Naz, who blames Mete for leaving her alone in difficult times and not being enough support, gets the support she needs from Kadir. Even though Ziya does not like it at all, Mete and Cemil come together as father and son for the first time. A surprise is prepared to boost Naz's morale, but when she learns that Atif gave the mansion to Incila, Naz has a huge nervous breakdown because she feels ignored. Even though Mete tries to calm her down, a word that comes out of Naz's mouth shocks everyone.

Star Tv's highly anticipated new series, Sakla Beni Episode 19, released on Thursday, March 7th, at 20.00. Read Also All Episode of Sakla Beni (Hide Me) 

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