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Episode 3 Bahar (The Spring): Trailer And Summary

The 3rd episode of Bahar (The Spring) has been released. In the end episode; Bahar's new decision will shake everyone! What happen in the episode on February 27th?

The Bahar series, which captivated the audience with its first episode, made everyone find a piece of themselves. What will happen in the highly anticipated second episode was seen in the trailer. At work The series, starring Demet Evgar, Mehmet Yılmaz Ak and Buğra Gülsoy, came to the screen with its first episode.

Show TV's new series Bahar, produced by MF Yapım, brings the story of self-sacrificing women to the screen. The series, whose script was written by Ayça Üzüm, focuses on the life and transformation of Bahar, who studied medicine with big dreams and then devoted her life to her husband and two children, due to a sudden illness.

 The loser woman is rising! "I don't feel like it" The Bahar series, which has left its mark on social media, is eagerly awaited to see what will happen in the second episode. Bahar, who started her new life after the difficult surgery, was applauded for abandoning her old daily habits and starting to live for herself.

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Bahar's words: "My dear husband, Timur, and my mother, I will never forget what you did!" While his words signal that the level of excitement will increase in the following episodes of the series; In the rebirth story, Evren's sentence "I think you would be a very good doctor..." made the audience curious about Bahar's journey. Here are 3rd episode trailer and episode summary of Bahar ....

What happen in the end episode?

Bahar, who left the disease behind and was born again, now has a new life ahead of her. Nevra and Timur greet Bahar, who is discharged from the hospital and returns home, with a big "get well soon" celebration. However, Bahar's speech at this celebration and her subsequent change make Timur and Nevra uneasy. No one can predict what is going through Bahar's mind or what she plans to do. He is determined to shake all the balances with the big decision he will make regarding his life. Bahar's biggest supporter will be Evren. At the same time, traces of the past emerge in the Bahar-Timur-Rengin triangle. In the finale, Bahar's new decision will shake everyone!

Bahar (The Spring) Episode 3 Trailer 

'' Do you remember me  ....?''

Bahar (The Spring) Episode 3 Summary

Bahar's admission to the hospital creates a shock for Timur. Now both Bahar, Timur and Aziz Uras are in the same hospital. Even though they work here as a family, they decide to hide their family relationships. Timur and Rengin start making plans to send Bahar away. The person who will support Bahar in the hospital and help her the most will again be Evren.

On the other hand, Bahar tries to get used to the dual life of being an assistant doctor at the hospital and a mother at home. In this regard, Nevra accuses Bahar of being a bad mother and continues to blame her. The fact that Bahar's first day of duty at the hospital coincides with Umay's birthday causes the tension in the family to increase. A bad event that happens to Umay will cause Bahar to question the decision she made again.

Show TV's new series Bahar managed to attract the attention of the audience with its 3rd episode. The series called is on Show TV every Tuesday at 20.00 starting from Tuesday, February 27 at 20.00!. Read Also All Episode of Bahar (The Spring) 

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