Episode 3 İnci Taneleri (Pearl Grains): Trailer And Summary

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The new 3rd Episode of İnci Taneleri (Pearl Grains) Has Been Released! In the end episode; Azem, who tries to continue his life by giving private lessons, searches for clues about his children...  What happen in the next episode on February 8th?

Kanal D's new series İnci Taneleri met with the audience with its 2nd episode on Thursday, February 1th. In the first episode of the series, Azem's struggle to start a new life after his release from prison and his intersection with Dilber were discussed. İnci Taneleri episode 3 will be broadcast on Kanal D on Thursday, February 8 at 20.00.

The trailer for İnci Taneleri episode 3 was published on the official YouTube channel of the series. In the end episode trailer, while Azem and Dilber's love reignites, Zahir is seen threatening Azem. While Azem and Dilber's love reignites, Zahir's threat to Azem will change the course of events. As Azem gets closer to Dilber, he will feel the pain of losing Hande even more. Dilber, on the other hand, will realize how important Azem is to her. Zahir, on the other hand, will be ready to do anything to take revenge on Azem. Zahir, who threatens Azem, will not hesitate to harm Dilber. Here are 3rd episode trailer and episode summary of İnci Taneleri ....

episode 3 Inci Taneleri
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What happen in the end episode?

Azem, who was beaten by Zahir and his friends, does not give up on this matter. This hostility has put Dilber and Azem in danger. While Azem is trying to adapt to his new life, Cihan, like all the residents of Kuyucak District, is preparing for the developments that will happen. Azem, who tries to continue his life by giving private lessons, searches for clues about his children at every opportunity.

İnci Taneleri Episode 3 Trailer

İnci Taneleri Episode 3 Summary

Azem, who learned the big secret that Dilber kept from him, did not like that Dilber lied. Meanwhile, Cihan looks for ways to prove his power in the neighborhood. Piraye, on the other hand, is in trouble both with work and with Ayça. Azem, who continues to trace the past, gains hope again with the phone call from Erman. With Dilber's invitation, Kasım and Azem go to watch it. The night, which started out fun, will unfortunately end unpleasantly with unexpected events.

Starred by Yılmaz Erdoğan, the 3rd episode of İnci Taneleri was broadcast on Kanal D on Friday, February 8th, 2024 at 20:00. Read Also All Episode of İnci Taneleri (Pearl Grains)

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