Episode 5 Bir Sevdadır (It's A Love): Trailer And Summary

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The new 5th episode trailer of Bir Sevdadır (It's A Love) has been released. In the end episode; Will the Bıçakçı family deliver Yeşil to Cenap Ağa? What happen in the episode on February 28?

Has the trailer for Bir Sevdadır episode 5 been released? The viewers of Bir Sevdadır, which airs on TRT 1 on Wednesdays, followed the new episode with bated breath. The 5th new episode of Bir Sevdadır series is awaited with interest by the fans. The highly anticipated 5th episode trailer of the breathtaking TV series "Bir Sevdadır" on TRT 1 screens met with the audience. What will happen in the new episode of the series will keep the audience glued to the screen.

While Yasin cannot go to the matches after the doping scandal, he encounters an unexpected situation in the mansion. Yasin and İshak Ali, who witnessed Yeşil's screams the moment he stepped through the door, learn that Menevşe and the children were kidnapped. İshak Ali's counter move results in Cenap Ağa not remaining idle and kidnapping the Bıçakçı family's loved ones. The only condition put forward for the rescue of Menevşe and the children was; It is the delivery of Yeşil to Cenap Ağa.

Yeşil, who is never separated from her children even for a moment, struggles with the pain she experiences in their absence. Will Yeşil, who is ready to sacrifice his life for his children, surrender himself to Cenap Ağa? Gülender is devastated when he receives the news of his daughter's kidnapping. This incident shakes him deeply, and his concerns about his daughter's safety increase his anger towards Yeşil even more. During this painful process, Gülender looks for ways to save his daughter.

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It turns out that Menevşe and the children are being kept in a hut abandoned by Tufan. How will İshak Ali and Yasin respond to this move of Cenap Ağa? And the most difficult decision of the Bıçakçı family; Will it be to surrender Yeşil? Don't miss the new episode of "Bir Sevdadır" for this and more. The series takes its viewers on a journey of curiosity, excitement and emotion in every aspect.

What happen in the end episode?

Big news awaits Yasin, who could not play in the match due to the doping scandal, at the mansion. Hearing Yeşil's cries as soon as they enter the door, İshak Ali and Yasin learn that Menevşe and the children have been kidnapped. Cenap Ağa did not stand idle against İshak Ali's resistance and kidnapped the apples of the Bıçakçı family's eyes. There is only one condition for returning Menevşe and the children. Delivering Yeşil to Cenap Ağa… Yeşil, who has not been separated from her children even for a moment since the day they were born, cannot cope with this pain in the absence of İshak and Boncuk. Will Yeşil, who is ready to give his life for his children, surrender to Cenap Ağa? 

Bir Sevdadır Episode 5 trailer  

Bir Sevdadır Episode 5 Summary

Ünal is sure that he has captured Yeşil thanks to the exchange he made. He finally reached his goal. Tufan, on the other hand, has to handle this job without any problems. Otherwise, he will lose all the trust his father had in him again. While the happy news is awaited at the Cenap Ağa farm, the Bıçakçı's are involved in a big game. Will Ünal, who captured Yeşil, be able to take him to the mansion? Or will Yasin and Yeşil's plan be enough to save them? The tense wait continues at Bıçakçı Mansion. While Gülender hopes to reunite with both of her children safely, she hopes that Yeşil will be delivered without any problems. 

On the other hand, Cenap has a big trump card in his hand. Yasin's doping scandal has not been heard in the press yet... With the doping scandal being reported in the press, the Bıçakçı family is devastated again. İshak Ali could not keep the incident secret. How will Cenap Ağa and İshak Ali challenge each other again? What will Yasin Bıçakçı, who has been slandered against all of Türkiye, do as a result of this slander? Where will the clues lead Yasin and Yeşil, who team up to solve this slander? Tufan, who is now at the end of the barrel, has to clean up this job. In the struggle of two families, for whom will the cards be opened this time?

Starring Sude Zulâl Güler, Feyyaz Şerifoğlu, Sinan Tuzcu, Sinem Öztürk, Ekin Mert Daymaz... Bir Sevdadır Episode 5 will be released on TRT1 screen on February 28. Read Also All Episode of Bir Sevdadır (It's A Love)

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