Episode 58 Yalı Çapkını (The Kingfisher): Trailer And Summary

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The new 58th episode of Yalı Çapkını (The Kingfisher) series, will be with you as of 08 P.M on Friday, February 16th? In the end episode; Seyran, who is not willing to see Pelin, who is preparing to give birth to her child. Watch the 58th episode trailer of Yalı Çapkını here ....


There has been a development that will excite the viewers of the Yalı Çapkını TV series. ATV is preparing to make an ambitious entrance to the screens with a new series. This series, which will rival the Yalı Çapkını series, which attracted great attention on Star TV, has managed to attract attention.

Until now, the excitement of the Yalı Çapkını series was only experienced on Star TV screens. However, the new series announced by ATV signals that this excitement will now be experienced on another channel. This new production, which will rival the Yalı Çapkını series, will offer a different option to the audience.

episode 58 yali capkini
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Considering the audience and popularity of the Yalı Çapkını series, it is a matter of curiosity how ambitious the new series announced by ATV will be. According to the news of Birsen Altuntaş; A new one has been added to the changes made in the script of the series codenamed "Aile Album", which will be shot by O3 Media for ATV.

What happen in the end episode?

Ferit, who does not want to believe that the child is from Serter, tries to learn the truth from Pelin in order to eliminate his doubts. Seyran, who is not willing to see Pelin, who is preparing to give birth to her child, to be subjected to such pressure, still tries to support her despite all that has happened. Forced to accept her father's conditions in exchange for withdrawing her complaint, Seyran feels stuck in a dead end. While waiting for the good news from Kazım to regain his freedom, Orhan gets into big trouble in prison. Confused by what Fikriye said, Suna clings on to a dream he keeps deep in his heart. While Serter, who thinks that the child might be his, brings up the issue with Halis Ağa, this development starts a critical process for Pelin and her baby.

Yalı Çapkını Episode 58 Trailer 

'' Can You Live With This Plague .....?''

Yalı Çapkını Episode 58 Summary 

While Pelin, who fell ill, was rushed to the hospital, Ferit, who held Serter responsible for what happened, was very angry with her. While Pelin and her baby are struggling to survive, Halis Ağa, who wants to find out who the child is from, orders a paternity test to be done. Seyran, who comes to the hospital despite all the bad looks to support Ferit, does her best to help Pelin hold on to life. Halis, who decides to release Orhan, who is having a very difficult time in prison, is disappointed that things do not go as he wanted and is forced to ask for help from an old acquaintance. While critical hours last for Pelin and her baby, Ferit tries to stay strong with Seyran by his side in this difficult moment. But what will happen will not be easy for him.

Star Tv's highly anticipated new series "Yalı Çapkını Episode (The Kingfisher)" will be on Star Tv on Friday, February 16th with its 58th episode!. Read Also All Episode of Yalı Çapkını (The Kingfisher)

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