Episode 98 Teşkilat (The Agency): Trailer And Summary

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The new 98th episode trailer of Teşkilat (The Agency) has been released! In the end episode; Ömer faces Kambur to save Neslihan. What happen in the episode on March 3rd.

Teşkilat series continues to come to the fore with its remarkable plot and successful cast. The 98th promotional video of the popular series, which was screened last Sunday with its action-packed and exciting scenes, has been released. The new 98th episode of the Teşkilat series, which is watched with great admiration on TRT 1 screens, is on Sunday, March 3, at 20.00!

The trailer of the last episode of TRT1's popular TV series Teşkilat met with the audience. In this new episode where excitement is at its peak, the tension between the characters and dangerous missions keep the audience glued to the screen. Here are 98th episode trailer and episode summary of Teşkilat ....

episode 98 teskilat
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What happen in the end episode?

Ömer faces Kambur to save Neslihan. Ömer puts his life on the line and takes all the risks to prevent Neslihan from being harmed. The team is trying to destroy the bomb trap. While Korkut tries to save the detained civilians, Nazlı becomes his supporter. Kambur tries to trap Ömer by playing games with him. While Neslihan is face to face with death, Ömer fights hard to save her. The team does their best under Ömer's leadership to achieve their goals.

Teşkilat (The Agency) Episode 98 Trailer

Teşkilat (The Agency) Episode 98 Summary  

A mysterious person suddenly appears before Ömer and tells him secrets about his destiny and the trust he must receive. It is only a matter of time before Neslihan and Kambur meet. This situation is as dangerous for Kambur as it is for Neslihan. Ömer and Neslihan continue the 'Bad Neighbor' operation. Even though Nedim is suspicious of them, Ömer's professionalism calms these doubts. Under Ömer's leadership, the team learns the moves of Kambur and Nedim, deciphers the purpose of the Company and takes action.

The new 98th episode of TRT 1's new series, Teşkilat (The Agency), aired on Sunday, March 3rd. Read Also All Episode of Teşkilat (The Agency)

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