Final 26th Episode of Safir (The Sapphire): Turkish Drama

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The final 26th episode trailer of Safir has been released. In the final episode of Safir;  What's the big surprise waiting for Feraye and Yaman? .... So what happen in the final episode on February 26th?

Safir series, which is broadcast on ATV screens on Mondays, appeared before the audience with its 25th episode. Those who watch the last episode of the series want to find out what will happen in the new episode and do research by watching the Safir episode 26 trailer. Here is the final 26th episode trailer and summary details from the final episode.

Safir series appeared before the audience with its 25th episode. Those who want to watch the new episode trailer of the series do research to watch the Safir 26th episode trailer. In the end episode; Yaman is devastated when he has to listen to Feraye and Ateş's romantic phone conversation. He has no doubt that Feraye has forgotten him and loves Ateş. 

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Feraye, on the other hand, is miserable because she had to do this to Yaman. Ateş does not slow down. This time, under the pretext of breaking the ice, he invites Yaman and the entire Gülsoy family to join them in the evening. Yaman does not want to accept it at first. But he accepts the offer upon Kamuran's words, '' You need to do this to cauterize your wound.''

Safir (The Sapphire) Episode 26 trailer [Final]

'' The twins are coming .... !''

Safir (The Sapphire) Episode 26 Summary [Final]

Difficult times await Yaman and Feraye after the great crisis they have been experiencing lately. While Feraye is trying to hold on to life, Yaman is at risk of losing the love of his life. For Yaman, life seems to have stopped. Both business and family life have come to a complete impasse. However, it will be Feraye's light that guides Yaman in this darkness he finds himself in. Will Feraye, who opened her eyes after lying unconscious in the hospital for months, be the same as before? Yaman is in love with Feraye so much that he loves her in every way, but it will not be easy for Feraye to accept this new situation. As the end of the story approaches, it is time for everyone to pay the price. This includes Aleyna and Cemile. No one will find peace until Cemile, the person who started this war, is punished. Will Feraye and Yaman, who have paid a great price to be happy, finally reunite?

ATV's new series Safir sounds like a bombshell. The final episode trailer came from the series, starring İlhan Şen and Özge Yağız. The final 26th Episode will be released on February 26th. Read Also All Episode of Safir (The Sapphire)

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