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Episode 2 Kül Masalı (The Tale of Ash): Trailer And Summary

The new 2nd episode of Kül Masalı (The Tale of Ash) has been released. In the end episode; Arat is the only son of the Girayli family, a well-established family in Istanbul. What happen in the episode on February 22nd?

The new series of TRT1 screens, Kül Masalı, was broadcast with its first episode last week. The audience took part in the "Watch Kül Masalı Episode 2" screen for the series, which was screened with its second episode on Thursday, February 22. Starring Sevda Erginci and Gökhan Alkan, the series tells the story of the love of two young people from two different families and backgrounds. In the second episode, Arat and Özge, who suddenly decide to get married, will confront their past. 

Kül Masalı is the magic in the love story of businessman Arat and cook Özge is broken. Young lovers face reality and the past. The TV series Kül Masalı, starring Sevda Erginci and Gökhan Alkan, is on TRT1 this evening with its second episode. Here is the 2nd episode trailer and episode summary of Kül Masalı ....

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What happen in the end episode?

Arat is the only son of the Girayli family, a well-established family in Istanbul whose lineage dates back to the palace. In Bursa, where he went for business, he met Özge Günay, who lived there. Özge is a chef. She lost her mother and father at a young age. She lives with her sister Behiye. Özge and Arat fall in love even though they come from completely different cultures and are diametrically opposed to each other. They get married in a short time. When the very happy couple arrives at the mansion in Istanbul, Özge feels like she has hit a wall. The ghost of Arat's ex-wife Jale seems to be right next to them. Her mother-in-law Neveser's refusal to accept Özge and the tension in the mansion will put Özge into an inextricable vortex. 

Kül Masalı (The Tale of Ash) Episode 2 Trailer

'' Will your mother love me one day ....?''

Kül Masalı (The Tale of Ash) Episode 2 Summary

Seeing Jale's spiritual presence in the mansion and its effects on Arat shakes Özge very much. Neveser is looking for ways to separate Özge and Arat. He has a plan to involve Behiye. Behiye makes a mistake that will leave her sister in a very difficult situation. While Arat wants to make Özge happy and live his love to the fullest, Özge begins to feel stuck between her love and the family of the man she loves. Özge, who wants to establish a bond with Arat's daughter Birce, asks Arat for support in this regard. Cemil, who reopens Jale's accident file, encounters an unexpected offer while looking for new clues. Who the offer came from is a much bigger mystery.

"Kül Masalı" with its 2nd episode on Thursday, February 22 at 20.00 on TRT 1. Read Also All Episode of Kül Masalı (The Tale of Ash)

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