Episode 25 Hudutsuz Sevda (The Boundless Love): Trailer And Summary

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The new 25th episode trailer of Hudutsuz Sevda (The Boundless Love) has been released! in the end episode; Will Halil İbrahim be able to act before everyone else and finally take his revenge?  What happen in the episode on March 21th?

The 25th episode trailer of FOX's popular series 'Hudutsuz Sevda' has been released. 'Hudutsuz Sevda' is on FOX with its new episode on Thursday, March 21 at 20.00. Starring; The new episode trailer of Hudutsuz Sevda, starring Deniz Can Aktaş, Miray Daner, Esra Dermancıoğlu, Burak Sevinç, Asuman Dabak and Burak Sergen, has been released.

Hudutsuz Sevda, produced by MedYapım, directed by Murat Öztürk and written by Bahadır Özdener. The new episode of Hudutsuz Sevda series, which is watched with great admiration on Now TV screens, is on Thursday, March 21 at 20.00! Here are 25th episode trailer and episode summary of Hudutsuz Sevda ....

episode 25 hudutsuz sevda
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What happen in the end episode?

Halil İbrahim manages to save everyone before the explosion occurs. As the tension between Zeynep and Ceylan continues, it will be of great importance whose side Halil İbrahim will take. While the fathers regain their freedom, the imprisoned person becomes someone else. Yılmaz has no intention of going in. How he finds the way out will create confusion and the arrows will return to Halil İbrahim. The first one to find Yılmaz will win. So, will Halil İbrahim be able to act before everyone else and finally take his revenge?

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Hudutsuz Sevda Episode 25 Summary

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Starring Deniz Can Aktaş, Miray Daner and Biran Damla, the new episode of Fox TV's new series Hudutsuz Sevda Episode 25 will be on the screens on Thursday, March 21th at 20.00! Read Also All Episode of Hudutsuz Sevda (The Boundless Love)

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