Episode 26 Yabani (The Wild): Trailer And Summary

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The new 26th episode trailer of Yabani (The Wild) has been released! In the end episode;  Neslihan lends a helping hand to Özge in an impossible situation. What happen in the episode March 12th of Yabani?

The 25th episode of the popular series Wild, produced by NTC Media and produced by Fatih Aksoy and Mehmet Yiğit Alp, was broadcast on Now TV last night. Those who follow the series with bated breath have intensified their search for trailers. So, has the trailer for Yabani episode 26 been released? What will happen next week in Yabani Series?

Yabani came to the screen with its new episode this evening. In the 25th episode of the series, after Yaman hears the message sent to Deniz by Rüya, he realizes that Deniz is a clinical case of a type he has never encountered before. Yaman has no choice but to prove Deniz's manipulative personality to everyone. So, has the trailer for Yabani episode 26 been released? What will happen next week in Yabani series?

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What happen in the end episode?

Yaman realizes that the person responsible for the traumas of his and Cesur and Asi's childhood years spent on the streets is right under his nose. He has to protect the people he loves from this ghost from the past. He must face this ghost alone, keep Asi and Cesur away, and not endanger Rüya. But as he gets closer to his goal, he realizes how close the danger actually is to all of them. When Serhan realizes that he has a connection with this man, things take things to a whole new level. Indeed, the gates of hell are opening for Yaman and his friends.

This new but actually old enemy strengthens the bond between Yaman and Alaz. Realizing how the past events left their mark on Asi, Alaz clings even tighter to the love he can no longer reject. But it is not easy to repair the wounds inflicted on Asi's heart, and his own mistakes push Asi into the very heart of danger. It is not easy for Güven and Özge to accept the truths about the sea. However, Neslihan lends a helping hand to Özge in an impossible situation. Two women are tested with both their love and motherhood. And one of them will now have to know how to retreat.

Yabani (The Wild) Episode 26 Trailer 

'' That Girl, Your Ticket Home  ....!''

Yabani (The Wild) Episode 26 Summary

Yaman now has only one goal. Face victory and take your revenge! Whatever it takes. But as he approaches his goal, he meets the person he least expects. Someone who will show Yaman that this road will be more complicated than it seems. Zafer's plan to use Soysalan Hospital in his dirty criminal network depends entirely on Serhan's attitude. Serhan sees that if he tries to resist, his family and Neslihan will be in danger. On the other hand, it is more important than anything else that it is not revealed that Şebnem is pregnant with his baby. However, Şebnem, whose relationship with Rüya has softened thanks to the baby in her womb, is determined not to surrender to Serhan's impositions.

Özge started to use her position as chief physician to keep Neslihan and Güven away from each other. Neslihan, on the other hand, realizes that Yaman and Alaz are doing secret things and is worried about what kind of trouble her sons are heading towards. Without knowing that trouble was approaching him too... After meeting Zafer, Asi and Cesur come face to face with their past, which they tried to forget. For Cesur, what happened is a more difficult trauma to overcome. His siblings embrace him like they did when they were children. Alaz takes care of Asi. Yaman tries to protect Rüya by keeping her away from him. Yaman and Alaz are shoulder to shoulder as brothers for the first time. But will it be possible to stop Yaman from walking to death on the path of revenge?

The trailer for the 26th episode of the TV series Yabani (The Wild), starring Halit Özgür Sarı and Simay Barlas, will be released on March 12th at 20.00. Read Also All Episode of Yabani (The Wild)

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